Vacation in Maui continued… Doing all the Adventurous Things Like Ziplining & Snorkeling

Hey friends!! Happy weekend!!! I hope you are able to enjoy this long weekend with lots of fun and relaxation.  Have you guys all gotten the rain from Harvey?  We did on Thursday night and it was a lot!  Stay safe out there!  (Everyone affected by Harvey is in my thoughts and prayers.)

When my sister first brought up the idea of ziplining, I was not immediately on board.  Heights just aren’t my thing and hanging by a wire is less than desirable to me. 🙂  But soon after I came around and decided to just conquer my fear and do it.  We all got on board (yes, even my 10 year old brother…if he could do it, I could too.) and were off to the plantation where we were going to zipline.  


I may look calm and collected, but I assure you I was thinking this could be the last selfie of my life. 😉 


The ziplining course was not near as scary as I thought it would be.  There were 5 pretty short lines that we zipped across in pairs.  


I was very nervous on the first one, but got more comfortable each time.  


I even let go of the handlebars a couple of times… can you believe it?! 😉 


One activity that I knew I wanted to do in Maui was snorkeling.  I love to snorkel and try to do it anytime I am somewhere tropical.  We Four Winds to do our snorkeling adventure with and it was absolutely amazing.  

They provided breakfast, lunch, and drinks and all the snorkeling equipment.  We went snorkeling at the Molokini Crater and got to see tons of different types of fish.


 I am just mesmerized every time I get to snorkel.  Ocean life is so beautiful.  


We even got to see a couple dolphins swimming near the boat.  They are my favorite. When our snorkeling trip came to an end, we hopped off the boat and saw tons of huge turtles swimming around at the dock.  There were big rocks by our condo and the turtles would swim there every day too.  These are some large turtles!!  

I have a few more recaps from our trip to Hawaii and I hope to complete those all next week!!! Have a wonderful rest of your Labor Day weekend!


  1. Have you been snorkeling or scuba diving?
  2. Are there any sales you are looking forward to this weekend?
  3. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?  Mine was mountain biking in Utah… it was a little to scary for me.  🙂



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