Weekend Recap 8.6.17 Yummy Dinners, a Hike, a Concert and Lots of Chores

Good morning friends!!  How is your week going?  I can’t believe it is already Wednesday.  I always go into the week with the hopes of posting on Monday, but then somehow it takes me until at least Wednesday to finish them.  Remember the good ole days when I used to post every single day?  Gosh, I don’t know how I managed that.  I wasn’t working full time, which clearly made a big difference.  Someday I will get my act together and and come up with a manageable blogging schedule, but until then, thanks for sticking with me and my sporadic posting.  

Last Thursday my father-in-law came into town on his way to the lake.  We spent the evening chatting and playing darts before heading to one of our favorite spots for dinner.  


We had a fabulous dinner at Bricktops including lots of yummy food.  I got the swordfish (can you believe it?) and it was amazing.  

On Friday night I had dinner plans with my bestie, Lissa.  We decided to try a new-to-us restaurant called Silo in Germantown for a late birthday celebration for Lissa.  


We had some wine and lots of dishes to split.  All the food was really yummy and the restaurant has a really fun atmosphere.  

Saturday morning Jon and I were up early to head to my mom and stepdad’s house so my stepdad could help Jon with a couple of things for our new dining room table.  My mom and I cooked a little bit then lounged by the pool.  🙂

After a couple hours, we headed home and picked up the pups for a short hike.  It was a beautiful day!

Saturday evening my brother and dad came over for dinner before we all headed downtown to Ascend Amphitheater to see Straight No Chaser.  


Straight No Chaser is an all men’s acapella group who we actually saw during our visit to Indiana last winter.  They sing all cover songs and are so entertaining!  



Sunday morning we went for our usual weekend stroll with the pups.  


To get our sweet, cold treat!  How funny is this sign?  🙂

The rest of Sunday was spent vacuuming, dusting, doing laundry, meal prepping, cleaning the car, working on our new table, and organizing around the house.  It sure does feel nice to start the week feeling prepared!!  

I am hoping to stop in one more time this week before heading out of town on Saturday for a whole week.  Any guesses where we are going?!!?  


  1. Any idea where we are going on vacation?
  2. Been to any good concerts lately?
  3. What is your favorite show right now? 


5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 8.6.17 Yummy Dinners, a Hike, a Concert and Lots of Chores

  1. Hi first time on the blog and I already love your writing style! Seems like you had a very relaxing weekend with good company. Truth be told, it actually took me a few minutes to read that sign from the coffee store haha — maybe it’s because I don’t drink coffee?? Anyways, have a Happy Monday! xoxo Steph


  2. Hey girl!!! Long time, no chat! I am so glad that things are going well with you 🙂 Shoot- ok, I am going to guess Hawaii?! Just a thought- or going back to Texas?! I haven’t been to any good concerts lately- however a few months ago I went to Chris Lane, and he was amazing. And favorite show- Game of Thrones and Riverdale. So good! XO

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