Friday Favorites…Date Night, A Good Book, Pool Time, and Good Music

Hey guys!!  I hope your day is going well and you are getting ready for the weekend!!  This week seemed to drag by for me, but I sure am happy it is Friday!!  I have plans with one of my besties tonight to try out a new restaurant in town then tomorrow morning we are heading to my mom’s house so my stepdad can help my husband with a couple things for our new dining room table.  It is coming right along!


Last Friday night we tried a new-to-us Indian restaurant called Chauhan Masala House.  

My cute date.  


The atmosphere is very fun and lounge-like… unlike any Indian restaurant I have ever been to.  I order the fish of the day special and my husband order a meat dish (I think it was duck?).

We both loved our meals and enjoyed sitting at the bar for a change.  


Last Sunday I was up bright and early to do some things around the house before heading to my mom’s pool with my friend Rachael.  We all had some reading to do while sipping on some Frose! 🙂  

I also picked some fresh flowers for the week!  There is just something about fresh flowers that make me so happy!!  



This is Riley ever time I take him out and try to get him to go potty.  He just finds a nice spot in the sun and lays down…. I don’t know if it is the new environment or what, but this puppy has not been a very good boy when it comes to going potty ever since we moved in our new house.  He was pretty good at my dad’s house, but for whatever reason he refuses to go to the bathroom unless we take him on a long walk.  So he has been going in his crate when we leave the house the past week or so and he is doing much better.  Surprisingly he isn’t too resistant to going in the crate.  I just hope he has learned his lesson and will start being better about using the potty outside versus just sunbathing all the time. 😉


Did I show you guys my new doggie nephew, Murphy, already?  I think so, but I just can’t get over how stinkin’ cute he is!! He and Otis love each other and I get like 10 videos a day of them playing, which just melts my heart.  


On Monday night my husband and I headed to Nama for some happy hour sushi.  We were a little disappointed that the happy hour menu was so limited, but it was still good! 

I got a roll with tofu in it, which I have never tried before.  It was pretty good!  


After a quick dinner, we headed downtown to the Ryman to see Foster the People in concert.  It is not exactly my kind of music, but my husband found super cheap tickets and we decided to go!  It was really fun and now I definitely will be listening to their music more often!


Love this guy!


Have any of you read “Ask The Passengers”?  I just finished it and it is a great read!  It is about a young girl who struggles with defining herself as gay within the realm of society and her family.  It is a very easy read and I would highly recommend it!  


That is all for today friends!!  I hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend!!  


  1. Current read?
  2. Weekend plans?
  3. Favorite music genre? 

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