Weekend Recap 7.16.17 … A Good Book, Friends in Town, The Ryman, and Brunch

Hey guys!! I hope you week is going well!! We have made it to the halfway point!!  Today is actually my Friday because we have a long weekend at the lake planned with our friends that starts tomorrow.  I am SO excited!

I am not usually a fan of week night plans because after a long day at work all I want to do is kick my feet up and catch up on my shows or read a book.  But, last week was a little bit different.  A couple weeks ago my mom gave me a book and told me to read it so that we could go see the author speak at Vanderbilt the following week.  Read a book in one week?? Eeek.. I barely have time to walk my dogs these days, but I obliged and am so glad I did.  Last Thursday night we had plans to see Roxanne Gay speak at Vanderbilt.  She has written many books, but this discussion focused around her book, Hunger.  To say this book is an easy read is an understatement.  Roxanne uses simple language and the chapters are just a couple pages long, which I love!  


The interview was pretty good, but she definitely discussed the book tour more than the book, which I guess was to be expected since she was on her second to last stop of 30 cities.  


I don’t want to give away any details, but the book tells Roxane’s story of dealing with weight gain in an unforgiving society.  She details her family’s never-ending support and her rebellion against conforming to society’s ideals.  It is an easy, yet really interesting read.  We stayed afterwards to have her sign the book.


Afterwards, my mom, her friend, and I went to Caviar & Bananas for dinner.  My mom suggested we try it and it definitely did not disappoint.  I did the create your own salad and LOVED it.  There are different “stations” with lots of options and we all really enjoyed our meals.  

My mom got Jon a brownie and he didn’t waste any time digging in. 😉


Jonny and I made sure to get our pampering in later that night. 🙂


You guys!! I have a new nephew!!!! Otis gained a brother last weekend.  His name is Murphy.  He is 4 pounds of perfection!! I booked my flight last night to go meet him!! I can’t wait to hold that sweet baby boy!!! 🙂


Friday night our friends from Cincinnati came into town.  We had a late dinner at home before walking to a nearby local bar to listen to some live music.  We stayed for a few songs, then called it a night.  


Saturday morning we woke up to thunderstorms so we decided to nix our hiking plans and head downtown to tour the Ryman.  


I have seen several concerts at the Ryman over the years, but I never knew the history behind the Ryman.  It was actually really interesting and I am really glad we did the tour. We learned lots of neat facts about our favorite country stars… especially my favorite, Miranda Lambert!  I just love her and her music and her iconic pink guitars!  

After the tour, we headed to 12th South for a late lunch at 12th South Taproom & Grill.  I got a delicious salad with salmon!  


Afterwards we walked around and stopped in a few of the local shops.  We even took a peak into Reese Witherspoon’s store.  When the boys saw the price tags…. they headed straight for the door. (That dress was over $500) 🙂 


Later than evening we got a yummy sushi dinner at Run Sans then headed to a couple local bars for some games and drinks.  (Clydes and Neighbors).  This is what most of my pictures of Jon and I look like. 🙂 

Sunday morning we headed to brunch at Fin & Pearl with one of Jon’s mom’s friends and her kids and their significant others.  


We have been to Fin & Pearl once for dinner, but the brunch menu was to die for.  It was SO hard to choose what to get.  I ended up getting a salad and adding shrimp and Jon got the lobster and crab omelet.  All of our food was SO delicious!

Sunday evening my mom and stepdad came over for dinner.  We had such an amazing time eating, catching up, and playing ping pong, but ofcourse I forgot to take any pictures!!!  That just means we were having a great time. 🙂 

I found Callie like this that evening.  Poor girl was exhausted… but really, is that position comfortable? 😉 


I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!!


  1. Have you read any good books lately?
  2. Do you like to try new restaurants or are you a creature of habit?
  3. What is your favorite city you have ever visited? 

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 7.16.17 … A Good Book, Friends in Town, The Ryman, and Brunch

  1. Ahhh I am so excited to read this recap post! How fun!! I need to check out this book now!That Caviar & Bananas (what a unique name!) sounds like a delish meal. And the brownie looked superbbbb. Murphy is PERFECT! Just when I thought you had all the cutest animals around. I’m gonna have you find ours for us, k?! Haha. What a fun week!

    – I am actually working my way through the Harry Potter series for the first time. Ugh, so good. I can’t even handle it!!
    – NEW RESTAURANTS ALL THE WAY! Unless I’m craving hummus or sushi- then we have a couple “go to” places!
    – Favorite City: Hmmmm that’s a hard one. Maybe Fort Worth, Tx. SO fun!

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