A Weekend Without Plans Turned into a Weekend With ALL the Plans :)

Hi friends!!  How are you guys?  I can’t believe another week has come and gone and the weekend is upon us!  It seems like time is just flying by right now and I am ready for it to slooooow down.  

After a long weekend of traveling for the 4th, I was ready for a quiet weekend at home with no plans.  You all probably know by now that my husband and I have moved around quite a bit with his job.  We have lived in Utah, Ohio, Dallas, and now Tennessee.  Each and everywhere we go it always takes awhile to find some good friends, especially ones that we will stay in touch with when we inevitably move again.  Well, Nashville is different than all the former places we have lived.  Since I grew up here, some of my best friends from middle school and high school still live here and quite frankly, it is just an attractive place for young couples to live so we have several friends that have moved here by choice.  This has made our transition to Nashville easier knowing we already had some friends in the area.  

This also means that there is always something going on.  But hey, I am not complaining in the least.  We are so very lucky to already have some great friends in the area who invite us out and introduce us to their friends.  That being said, last weekend did not end up being a weekend without plans. 🙂 

Friday night we went to a new-to-us restaurant called Answer with my husband’s college roommate and his fiance.  While we did have quite the wait, it was well worth it.  I got the trout and it was amazing!


Saturday morning we were up bright and early with these two cuties. 


We took a nice walk to the local coffee shop for some iced lattes (it was already SO hot) to cool us off.  

After we got home and got in a quick workout, I headed to my mom’s to hang with her by the pool for a couple hours.  We read, chatted, and ate some lunch and before I knew it, I had to run home and pick up Jon to head to a friend’s pool.  We spent a couple hours in the sun relaxing before heading home to get ready for dinner.  

I’ve probably told yall before, but my husband could eat sushi for every meal.  If I agree to sushi, I win the wife of the year award so Saturday night, he got his wish.  We went to a casual dinner and went home and straight to bed afterwards. 🙂


Sunday morning started off with a workout and a walk with the pups followed by a cold smoothie!  This one had spinach, flaxseed, peanut butter, banana, cinnamon, ice and almond milk.  I got the beautiful hydrangeas from my momma’s house.  Aren’t they pretty?  I’m going to try to grow my own… we will see how that goes.  I can barely keep herbs alive so my track record isn’t very good. 😉


Sunday afternoon we had some plans with the couple we hung out with Friday night.  Jon got flyboarding lessons for two for his birthday so he decided this was the weekend to do it.  Have you guys ever heard of flyboarding?  


Riley tagged along and was quite concerned when Jon was heading out.


He got over that pretty quickly when he found sticks to fetch in the water.  


Flyboarding is like wakeboarding in that you have a board attached to boots your feet go in, but instead of riding on the water, you ride above it.  The jetski shoots water up to your feet and pushes you out of the water.  


How cool is that?!?!


Sunday night my dad and brother came over for dinner.  


We spent lots of time hanging outside and playing darts!


We grilled up lots of veggies, chicken sausages, and chicken breasts for dinner.  Grilling is my favorite when we have company.. it’s so easy and delicious!


This is how we all felt on Monday morning. 🙂  Riley is obsessed with these stuffed animals and plays and naps with them daily.  Too cute!


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  We have some visitors in town!  I will see you all next week!


  1. Have you ever heard of flyboarding?  Tried it?
  2. Do your plans to have no plans always turn into plans?  (try saying that 3 times fast!)
  3. What is one thing you would like to do before the summer is over?

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