Weekend Recap 5.21.17… First Dinner Guests and Fresh Raspberries

Good morning!! How is your week going?  I am pretty excited that we are halfway through the week because Friday we head to the lake (my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house) for our annual family reunion with my husband’s side of the family.  I am hoping for some good weather, fun times with family and time to unwind because it has been go go go the last few weeks for us.  

This past weekend was pretty relaxing though.  We were very productive, but also had time to relax and hang out with some friends.  We have been taking the dogs to a nearby dog park a couple times a week and they love it… for about 5 minutes.  Then both of the dogs come and lay down by us… We have been standing on opposite sides of the park and calling the dogs back and forth to get them a little exercise. 🙂


Can you spy Riley?  If we ever can’t find him, we know to look where the sun in shining… this little pup loves sun bathing. 🙂


On Friday we got a new couch my husband ordered… all the seats recline and while I must say it is not very pretty, it sure is comfy!  It’s in our basement, which has now become our movie room.  


I made this salad for dinner the other night and my husband and I both loved it!  You make a grapefruit vinaigrette to go on top and it is just delicious.  I added the raw corn and goat cheese because… well why not? 


Saturday we went to my mom’s house for some raspberry picking!  Besides getting pricked by the little thorns on the plant, it was kind of fun!  Fresh raspberries are the best!  The blueberry bushes are the ones behind the fence and I can’t wait for those to ripen in a few weeks! 


Saturday evening our favorite couple, Rachael and Eric, came over for dinner.  The girls cooked and the boys played ping pong.  They brought over their sweet pup, Cooper, and another pup the were watching, Pierre.  It was doggie heaven, which always makes me soo happy!


We may have cooked a little too much food.  We made salmon, chicken, roasted mushrooms, a huge salad, roasted asparagus and zucchini.  Leftovers for everyone!

The even brought us some flowers!  So many that I could make two arrangements.  Don’t you just love fresh flowers?  I sure do!


The boys and 3 out of the 4 pups.  


After a few games of pingpong and lots of chatting, we finally said goodnight around midnight.  Rachael took our picture on our new front porch. 🙂


We have seriously been waiting forever to be able to live close to friends and family and now that the move is finally over, I can officially say nights like these make all the stress of moving worth it.  🙂 


  1. Go-to meal to cook for guests?
  2. What did you eat for lunch today?
  3. Traveling for Memorial Day weekend?


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