Weekend Recap 4.30.17 …. It’s Moving Week!!!

Hi friends!  Happy Monday!! How was your weekend?? Mine was really good!  I am unusually happy and chipper for a Monday morning because I am just a little excited about moving into our new house later today!  We have had to push back our closing several times, but it should happen today or sometime this week.  We are still able to move into our house today as our movers were scheduled so we are very happy about that! 

This weekend was pretty productive and relaxing.  Let’s back up a bit to Friday.   One of my co-workers shared this sparkling water with me and it was pretty tasty.  It is very flavorful which was a nice change up from regular water.  


My husband loves to order from Uber Eats.  We usually only do one night out a week for dinner, but I worked late last week and my husband called in for back up since he was in charge of dinner. 🙂  He ordered from Eastern Peak and it was delicious!!  Uber Eats has helped us to discover new favorite restaurants so it is good when you are in a hurry or don’t want to cook.  

On Friday I met my momma and husband for a lunch date!  We went to Granite City and were all happy with our meals!  I love having lunch dates throughout the week to have something to look forward to.  

On Saturday after a quick workout and a walk in the park, we headed outside for some fun.  Did any of you play with sidewalk chalk when you were young?  I have so many childhood memories of playing with sidewalk chalk with my sister and getting sad when the rain would wash away our creations. 🙂  We decided to play 4 square and had so much fun making up different rules each round.  


Love this sweet boy. 


My husband is a kid at heart.  He loves riding my little brother’s scooter and playing with all of his games. 😉  Notice Riley running in the grass beside him… it is a great way to get our doggies all tired out. 🙂


This little guy just LOVES being outside.  His sister… she gets really excited about going outside… but then instantly is ready to come back in.  


She would rather just chill on the couch… with her tongue out. 😉


On Saturday night my husband and I took out my dad and brother for dinner to celebrate us moving into our new house this week and thank them for taking us and the dogs in for the last 3 months!  

We went to Peter’s for some sushi and thai food!  I got two sushi rolls and loved them both.  They were both so fresh and unique!

The movers are scheduled to come today and my mom is already at the new house getting things ready.  We are so excited and I will be sure to share pictures as we get things unpacked!!  I will be back tomorrow with the rest of our weekend recap!

Have a wonderful week!!


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. Did you play with sidewalk chalk during your childhood?
  3. Have you ever tried Uber Eats?

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