Better Late Than Never… Girls Dinner, Bye Bye Boat and Easter Fun!

Good morning!!  How are you guys doing?  

I was talking to my husband the other day about how Callie and I have a special bond.  We have an entire morning routine we do together every day before everyone else is awake.  We wake up (Jon and Riley are not morning people/dogs), get dressed, go outside, drink lemon water (Callie drinks her water) and head downstairs for our workout.  Callie is a pretty funny/unique dog.  I have told you guys before, but she does not like toys.  But…. when we go to the basement to workout in the mornings, often she will bring me a ball to throw for her. She ONLY does this in the mornings and ONLY when she is will just me.  If Riley or my husband happen to come downstairs to say hi, she will act terrified of the ball.  It is quite hysterical.  She also loves to explore the basement each morning… She isn’t quite sure what to think of the bobbleheads. 🙂


The other night I was doing some reading before bed and Callie came and sat by me and rested her arm on my leg.  I just thought the way she was putting her arm on me was so funny/human-like.  


Last Saturday I went to my mom’s for a bit and we got to enjoy lunch by her pool.  The lettuce for the salads were from her garden!  


When we found out we were moving to Nashville, we weren’t quite sure what we wanted to do with our boat.  We absolutely love our boat and have enjoyed the past 2 years using it in Dallas, but between my parents and my husband’s parents, we have 3 family lakehouses/boats so the need for our boat diminished quickly.  My husband posted it for sale just to see if we would get any bites and within a week we had two full asking offers.  We actually sold it for a bit more than what we bought it for so we knew selling it was the right thing to do.  We were still a little sad to part with it though.. so many great memories on the boat! 


My friend Rachael and I went out to dinner at Adeles.  I love trying new restaurants and there are so many popping up everywhere in Nashville right now.  We started with the shaved cauliflower appetizer and it was amazing!

We both got the swordfish for our entree and loved it!


Afterwards, we met up with a few friends at a bar close by and hung out on the rooftop for a bit.  I love this sweet friend of mine!

On Sunday evening we told my little brother that the Easter bunny stopped by and his hid basket.  He went searching all over and found it in the dryer. 🙂 


Then we told him the Easter bunny hid some eggs outside and he was so excited.  

He found the special egg in the mailbox (it was filled with money!). 



  1. Did you have an easter egg hunt each year when growing up?
  2. What is your favorite holiday?
  3. What vegetable do you eat most of?  



7 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never… Girls Dinner, Bye Bye Boat and Easter Fun!

  1. I’m so glad you’re back to posting!

    I love pretty much any vegetable (although I have an extra special spot in my heart for broccoli). My love for veggies is convenient to help me get some micronutrients, since I don’t really care for fruits (too sweet, ick!)


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