Life Lately

Hi friends!! Long time no talk!! So sorry it has been so quiet around here lately… life has been a little crazy with not much down time.  It seems our weekends have been full of furniture shopping for the new house and trying to catch up and our weeks have been full of work and activities/places to go in the evenings.  I think once the move is finalized (should be closing end of April) we will have more down time, which means I will have more time for this little blog of mine! 

In the next few posts I will just catch you up a bit on what life has been looking like around here lately.  

For starters… I finally finished this dang scrapbook for my brother.  It took forever!!!!   My dad put together pictures from all the trips and things they did together last year and I turned it into a scrapbook.  It was really fun because he kept pamphlets, brochures, ticket stubs, and all that fun stuff.  But, now I never want to do another scrapbook.. ever… again. 😉

Riley knows I keep a bag of treats in the green bag on the window bench in our room at my dad’s house and the other day he decided to use the suitcase (that my husband conveniently left there) to climb up to peak into the bag.  Unfortunately for him I walked in the door about 5 seconds later. 🙂 #Busted


When my husband and I grill we always make extra protein and veggies for the week.  An easy meal I have been making lately for dinner is just sauteing any veggies I have on hand with a little braggs aminos and topping it with leftover salmon.  This is one meal I will never get sick of. 


We are still getting in plenty of walks at the park when we have the chance.  Our pups just love this park and get SO excited when we go.  There are always a bunch of turtles in this one spot too.  I always count them.  I am a child at heart. 🙂

This is what Riley looks like after a long walk/run in the park.  #passedout


Jon and I babysat my little brother a couple of weekends ago and he requested to go bowling so that is just what we did.  While we were waiting for a lane to open up, the boys played some arcade games.


His first try… jackpot.  Lucky kiddo!


Jacob and Jon (“the coach”).  

This kid ain’t too shabby! He is getting to the age where he is almost too cool for pictures… NOOOOOOO.  Please don’t ever grow up!!


I was in high school when my brother was born and I remember it like it was yesterday.  Time sure does fly!


Off to work for a busy day!! I will be back soon!!! Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. What is new with you?
  2. What is the best thing you have eaten recently?
  3. What is something you are looking forward to? 

6 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. So excited for you on your new home purchase. I know it is a TON of work and a lot of stress/anxiety but next month at this time you will feel so much more settled in. You have already adjusted so well from moving from one state to another and not having your own place which you are very used to having. You are going to be just fine!!
    I love the relationship you have with your brother. You could see the love you had for him in that picture above when he was new born. so beautiful!!!!
    All is good with me. Off to Maui next week……life is good!


    1. Thank you!! It will all be worth it once we are moved in.. it has just been a long process this time around.
      That is so sweet of you to say. I just love him to pieces. He is so special to me!
      Wow!!! Have SOO much fun!! I am so jealous!! I am actually heading there in August so I would love to hear about your trip and favorite spots there!! xoxoxo


  2. I’ve just moved too so I understand the insanity! Glad to hear you’re doing well even though you’re busy! Sounds like a fun brother time…its so neat that you are close despite the age gap!


    1. Thanks girl!! It is a crazy time, glad you guys are settled!! We are really close and I am so happy I get to be near him more often now.. he is at a really fun age… in a few years I am sure he will be running away from me to hang out with his friends!


  3. At least the search for a house is finally over! Onto the fun interior decorating part lol I love that you and Jon spend so much time with your little brother, so sweet. Also Riley passed out is so sweet as well, such a cutie pie! I cannot wait for a taddd bit warmer days so that I can start grilling too, its my favorite thing come spring and summer!

    xo, JJ


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