Better Late Than Never… Girls Dinner, Bye Bye Boat and Easter Fun!

Good morning!!  How are you guys doing?  

I was talking to my husband the other day about how Callie and I have a special bond.  We have an entire morning routine we do together every day before everyone else is awake.  We wake up (Jon and Riley are not morning people/dogs), get dressed, go outside, drink lemon water (Callie drinks her water) and head downstairs for our workout.  Callie is a pretty funny/unique dog.  I have told you guys before, but she does not like toys.  But…. when we go to the basement to workout in the mornings, often she will bring me a ball to throw for her. She ONLY does this in the mornings and ONLY when she is will just me.  If Riley or my husband happen to come downstairs to say hi, she will act terrified of the ball.  It is quite hysterical.  She also loves to explore the basement each morning… She isn’t quite sure what to think of the bobbleheads. 🙂


The other night I was doing some reading before bed and Callie came and sat by me and rested her arm on my leg.  I just thought the way she was putting her arm on me was so funny/human-like.  


Last Saturday I went to my mom’s for a bit and we got to enjoy lunch by her pool.  The lettuce for the salads were from her garden!  


When we found out we were moving to Nashville, we weren’t quite sure what we wanted to do with our boat.  We absolutely love our boat and have enjoyed the past 2 years using it in Dallas, but between my parents and my husband’s parents, we have 3 family lakehouses/boats so the need for our boat diminished quickly.  My husband posted it for sale just to see if we would get any bites and within a week we had two full asking offers.  We actually sold it for a bit more than what we bought it for so we knew selling it was the right thing to do.  We were still a little sad to part with it though.. so many great memories on the boat! 


My friend Rachael and I went out to dinner at Adeles.  I love trying new restaurants and there are so many popping up everywhere in Nashville right now.  We started with the shaved cauliflower appetizer and it was amazing!

We both got the swordfish for our entree and loved it!


Afterwards, we met up with a few friends at a bar close by and hung out on the rooftop for a bit.  I love this sweet friend of mine!

On Sunday evening we told my little brother that the Easter bunny stopped by and his hid basket.  He went searching all over and found it in the dryer. 🙂 


Then we told him the Easter bunny hid some eggs outside and he was so excited.  

He found the special egg in the mailbox (it was filled with money!). 



  1. Did you have an easter egg hunt each year when growing up?
  2. What is your favorite holiday?
  3. What vegetable do you eat most of?  



Weekend Recap 4.23.17 …A Very Special Birthday With Lots of Fun

Whoa.. this past week was a long one!  I hope you all were able to get some much needed rest like I was yesterday.  I love days when I can just wake up without an alarm and move at my own pace.  It doesn’t happen often, but yesterday was one of those days and it just felt great.  

Last Wednesday I got to have a lunch date with my momma and we decided to go to First Watch.  I know I am in the minority here, but if I have to choose between breakfast and lunch I almost always choose lunch.  


After lunch, I headed to the airport for a quick business trip to Orlando for a conference.  We actually stayed in the hotel in the airport, which was pretty convenient since we were only there less than 24 hours.  


My husband sent me this snapchat at work with our doggies.  They are so lucky.  


I can’t pass up the chance to mention how amazing the Nashville Predators did last week against the Chicago Blackhawks.  


They are on fire and I sure hope this winning streak continues!!


Saturday morning I had an appointment for a much needed haircut.  I just trimmed it a bit and added a lot more layers throughout.  It feels so fresh and light!  My last haircut was last July… 😉


Then it was off to our friend’s baby’s first birthday party.  He was sooo cute destroying his little cake.  


Afterwards we were off to meet our friends at the Arrington Vineyards for a wine tasting to celebrate my husband’s 30 birthday! 


We love these two!!! 


The whole group!!!  


Unfortunately the weather was really rainy so we opted to stay inside most of the time we were there.  


Saturday night we had reservations at Fin & Pearl for dinner.  We have been wanting to try it for a while now so my husband’s birthday was the perfect excuse!


Our friends Rachael and Eric joined us!


Happy birthday sweet boy!!!  


My husband and these two ordered some oysters.  They are just too slimy for me.  🙂 

We got a few appetizers and all really enjoyed our meals too! 

A big chocolate cake for the birthday boy!!!


Afterwards we met up with a few more friends and my dad for another drink and then called it a night.  It was such a great weekend celebrating my husband with good friends!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Do you prefer beer or wine?
  3. Chocolate or vanilla?

Let’s Go Predators!!!

Good morning!!  How is your week going?  Mine is going pretty well because it is just flying by.  I have been quite busy, which I actually enjoy so the work days don’t seem too long.  I am off to Florida today for a quick work trip, but I thought I would pop in this morning for a quick update! 

First off, let’s go Predators!!  You probably know by now that we are huge hockey fans over here and with the Predators winning the series 3 to 0 against the Chicago Blackhawks… this household is pretty happy!!  They play again on Thursday so we can’t wait! 


The weather has been great the past couple weekends so we are getting in a lot of walks!

Oh my gosh, did I show you guys my pups and their new haircuts?  Don’t they look so funny (and cute)? 


When Riley gets to go to work with me, this is where he spends most of his time.  He likes to be near me, but also see what is going on in the hallway/out the window. 🙂


A couple of weekends ago, Jon and I went to the Ryman to see a band I grew up listening to with my dad (The Mavericks).  It wasn’t exactly our kind of music, but if you ever get a chance to see a concert at the Ryman, you must go.  There isn’t a bad seat in the whole place and it is just a fun atmosphere. 


We had fun looking at all the people who have performed there.


Since our schedules can get a little busy during the week, my husband and I try to do at least one lunch date if our schedules allow.  Last week we went to Zoes and got to sit outside with sweet Riley.  I love their quinoa salad! 


I will never get sick of beautiful walks in the park with my crew!  We have been trying to go a couple times after work if we are home before it gets too dark! 

April 9th is our dating anniversary.  This year makes 8 years together!  It is crazy how much has changed in the past 8 years and I sure am lucky to have this guy by my side.  He is so supportive of me and has been nothing short of amazing through this big transitional time with our move to Nashville, house selling and buying, starting new jobs, living at my dad’s, etc.  He never complains and gladly helps out with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, errands, and the dogs when needed.  I am really looking forward to what the next 8 years have in store for us!  I am really really grateful for him and his thoughtful gestures. 🙂 

Last weekend we went to my mom and stepdad’s house to pick some lettuce for the week!  You guys don’t understand how excited I am to live near them and steal all their fruits and veggies. 😉  They grow everything from spinach to kale to lettuce to tomatoes to onions to figs to potatoes to broccoli to blueberries to raspberries and blackberries!  And they make their own honey and pesto!  I am very lucky to live in the same city as their grocery store. 😉 My husband would probably rather just pay the money at the grocery store than have to hand pick the lettuce.  #manuallabor

These two joined the fun too!  I showed my dad this picture and said, “Isn’t it cute how they are both smiling?”  and he said, “Uh I think they are just really hot.”  🙂 


Someone was ready for a nap in the sun!


A few weeks ago the boys wanted meatballs with their pasta so I gathered up ingredients we had on hand to make some from scratch.  I think it is so important to get kids in the kitchen so they appreciate meals more and they feel good that they have contributed.  My little brother has never liked to be dirty or messy so when I gave him the task of mixing the ingredients together to form the meatballs… he was less than thrilled.  😉


I had to supervise and say, “Use your whole hand not just your fingers!!!”  I only micromanaged for a little bit and he finally got the hang of it.  He was pretty proud of himself in the end!


The overnight oats are still going strong over here.  Even when I am on the go, it is still my current favorite breakfast.  Yum!!


This was from earlier this week when I took the dogs on a walk after work.  


Isn’t nature just so beautiful?


I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!  


  1. What is your nightly routine?  Walk? Dinner? TV? Read? 
  2. Current favorite breakfast?
  3. Do you like sparkling water?  I never used to be a huge fan of it, but lately it is my go-to beverage choice.  

Life Lately

Hi friends!! Long time no talk!! So sorry it has been so quiet around here lately… life has been a little crazy with not much down time.  It seems our weekends have been full of furniture shopping for the new house and trying to catch up and our weeks have been full of work and activities/places to go in the evenings.  I think once the move is finalized (should be closing end of April) we will have more down time, which means I will have more time for this little blog of mine! 

In the next few posts I will just catch you up a bit on what life has been looking like around here lately.  

For starters… I finally finished this dang scrapbook for my brother.  It took forever!!!!   My dad put together pictures from all the trips and things they did together last year and I turned it into a scrapbook.  It was really fun because he kept pamphlets, brochures, ticket stubs, and all that fun stuff.  But, now I never want to do another scrapbook.. ever… again. 😉

Riley knows I keep a bag of treats in the green bag on the window bench in our room at my dad’s house and the other day he decided to use the suitcase (that my husband conveniently left there) to climb up to peak into the bag.  Unfortunately for him I walked in the door about 5 seconds later. 🙂 #Busted


When my husband and I grill we always make extra protein and veggies for the week.  An easy meal I have been making lately for dinner is just sauteing any veggies I have on hand with a little braggs aminos and topping it with leftover salmon.  This is one meal I will never get sick of. 


We are still getting in plenty of walks at the park when we have the chance.  Our pups just love this park and get SO excited when we go.  There are always a bunch of turtles in this one spot too.  I always count them.  I am a child at heart. 🙂

This is what Riley looks like after a long walk/run in the park.  #passedout


Jon and I babysat my little brother a couple of weekends ago and he requested to go bowling so that is just what we did.  While we were waiting for a lane to open up, the boys played some arcade games.


His first try… jackpot.  Lucky kiddo!


Jacob and Jon (“the coach”).  

This kid ain’t too shabby! He is getting to the age where he is almost too cool for pictures… NOOOOOOO.  Please don’t ever grow up!!


I was in high school when my brother was born and I remember it like it was yesterday.  Time sure does fly!


Off to work for a busy day!! I will be back soon!!! Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. What is new with you?
  2. What is the best thing you have eaten recently?
  3. What is something you are looking forward to?