Weekend Recap 3.12.17…Homemade Pizza, More House Hunting, and Yummy Food!

Hi friends!  I can’t believe Monday snuck up on us so quickly!  Losing that hour of sleep is never fun either, but I am excited for it to be light out longer in the evenings now.  I am hoping to get in a few more walks with my pups during the week.  

Life is still crazy as ever with work, moving, house hunting and trying to fit in time for family and friends.  I’ll be honest… I am pretty exhausted and ready for the move to be over.  So the house that we were under contract with in Nashville fell through.  It was an older house and it had some major issues that were uncovered during the inspection and we just weren’t willing to deal with them.  So… the hunt continues.  We spent a majority of Saturday and Sunday house hunting and we definitely saw some great options so we will see what happens.  

Let’s back up a bit… Thursday night we had a make your own pizza night, which my little brother was pretty excited about! 



This is where I told him about the importance of putting on a lot of cheese! 😉 


And… I am still working on this scrapbook for my little brother.  It is taking forever! 🙂  Riley likes to help too. 😉

Saturday night we went to dinner with my mom and stepdad and I got the salmon and my husband got the crab stuffed trout.  Both dishes were soo yummy!  

We took a couple walks with the dogs this weekend, did some workouts, did laundry, and some meal prepping.  So along with the house hunting, there wasn’t much time for anything else.  My husband snapped this picture of me in my element yesterday.  This is my usual Sunday afternoon activity..meal prepping for the week while catching up on my shows!  I am watching the second season of The Catch and just started the first season of Imposters and The Arrangement.  Have you guys started any good shows lately?  


Off to work for a short, but busy week.  Later this week we are going to Dallas to be there when the movers arrive to empty our Dallas house.  It is a very bittersweet move, but I am so excited to see my sis!!  Have a great week, friends!


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Watching any good shows right now?
  3. Favorite pizza toppings?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 3.12.17…Homemade Pizza, More House Hunting, and Yummy Food!

  1. I love the make your own pizza night, that sounds awesome. And what a good big sis you are….the importance of A LOT of cheese lmao that was too funny but so very true! I’m pretty sure my older sister taught me that too at a young age! Ah good luck with the house hunting and have fun in Dallas!!!

    xo, JJ


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