Weekend Recap 2.19.17…Magic Show, Walks in the Park, Hockey Game, and House Hunting

Hi friends!! Happy Presidents Day!  Do you all have to work today?  My husband is off, but I do have work today.  I am a little jealous he gets to sleep in today.  But I will say that I feel pretty rejuvenated from the weekend and ready to start a new week! 

My weekend was off to a pretty good start when I got to bring my little buddy to work with me on Friday!  He gets to come into the office with me every so often so that makes me really happy!!  He was pretty excited to get to go with me.  🙂


Riley was exhausted after work and I found him like this right after we got home. 


For dinner I made seared tuna, brown rice, peas, and mushrooms.  It was such a yummy combo! 


Saturday morning I took an 8 am Body Pump class then my mom came over to help me work on a special project for my brother’s birthday.  And here she is feeding my dog’s cookies… 🙂


After my mom left I got to work on some meal prep!  Kale salads with lots of yummy toppings for lunch this week!  This week I added hard boiled egg whites, beets, chick peas, carrots, peppers, celery, almonds, and avocado.  If we have fish for dinner during the week, I will add a piece to my salad.  


More overnight oats for breakfast.  I just can’t kick these right now.  They are so easy for a quick week day breakfast and they keep me full for a long time, which I love. 


After meal prepping, my brother, dad and I headed to the park with the pups.  It was a little chilly, but we were happy to avoid the rain!


My husband got back into town Saturday night (he traveled to Boston for work and spent an extra day with some friends of ours) and my little brother and I put on a magic show for him.  My brother got a magic set for Christmas and we learned a lot of the tricks this weekend.  It was pretty cute!  


This is a regular sight around here.  Riley LOVES my dad. 🙂 My dad isn’t really a dog person, but I think he is going to miss the pups when we move out. 😉


Sunday morning we headed to the hockey rink to watch my little brother’s game.  


And ofcourse we had to make signs to embarrass cheer him on! Jacob’s fan club right here! 


After the game we came home, took naps, I got a workout in, then we headed out to meet our realtor to do some house hunting.  Then we headed out for a walk in the park because it was 72 degrees!  We are still in the early stages, but are getting excited!  

That about wraps up our weekend!  I hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoy your day if you are off work! 


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Do you have to work today?
  3. Did you get in any workouts this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 2.19.17…Magic Show, Walks in the Park, Hockey Game, and House Hunting

  1. It sound like you’re settling back into Nashville well 🙂 my weekend was great – I got in a long bike ride and a long run, because the Texas weather was beautiful!

    If you don’t mind me asking, why do you and your husband buy houses, given how often you seem to move? I’m impressed with how patient you must be, going through the buying process so often!

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    1. Hey Taylor! Oh I am so jealous of that Texas weather! It was nice on Sunday in nashville.

      That is a good question! The reason we buy instead of renting when we move so often is because my husband’s company has a great relocation package. The package is really good if you are a homeowner (ex: the company will buy our house if it doesn’t sell, we get a bonus for selling quickly, we get a bigger lump sum…) versus being a renter. If we didn’t have that package though, it definitely wouldn’t make sense to buy when moving so often. 🙂


  2. I seriously am so in love with Riley!!!! So stinkin cute!!! And you’re so lucky that your office is dog friendly. We’re working on moving offices this summer so my boss is looking for a place that is pet friendly because so many of us want to bring in our pups (not that I have one buttttt I mean it’d be a nice excuse to get one lol) That’s cool that your hubby came to Boston, have you been here before? Totally jealous of that 72 degree weather…..I need that in my life!!!!

    xo, JJ

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  3. Riley!!! Always so dang cute! Those salads look PHENOMENAL! YUM! It’s so cute how supportive you are of your little brother! I just love that. I cannot believe the east coast is having the BEST winter and we are having the worst here in Cali! Only slightly jealous! Haha.
    – Weekend was SO good- I went to LA over the weekend and saw tons of people from the Bachelor and got a picture with Oliver from How to get away with murder (do you watch that one?!)
    – No work yet- I start my job next month though! Woohoo!
    – I ran 9 miles Saturday and Sunday and 6 on Monday!
    Have such a great weekend, Taylor!

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      1. I had a feeling you would be excited about that one 😉 It was so crazy! I was convinced it was him and my friend was like “No I don’t think so”, so naturally I had to prove my point. I went up to him and said, “Has anyone told you that you resemble Oliver from HTGAWM?” And he just goes, “It’s me”. Hahhahaha

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