Last Weekend Activities… Only a Week Late!

Ya’ll!  I am so behind on the blog.  I literally have asked what day it is probably 20 times this week.  My days are all messed up and I have had zero time for anything but work and sleep. 🙂  

I meant to write this post last weekend, then Monday night, then Tuesday night… and so on.  It’s just one of those weeks. 😉  So I suppose today I will show you what we did last weekend that left me with no time for blogging.

Last Thursday night we had a taco night! Definitely one of my favorite meals.


Last week I made some pink heart-shaped rice crispy treats.  Aren’t they cute?  


My little brother had to test them out to make sure they were good. 😉 He gave them a big thumbs up! 


On Saturday morning, my friend Rachael and I went to a free workout class.  A new location of Burn Boot Camp is opening in Nashville and they are offering free classes right now until they open.  Another woman who took the class brought her dog and the dog just sat on the table during the whole class… My dogs would not do that. 🙂 It was a good class… good music, the trainer was very motivating, and it was tabata style and kept my heart rate up the whole time.  


Once I got home I worked on some baking for treats at my office this week and then Jon and I headed out for a date night at an old favorite restaurant, Kyoto.  We had to start with the garden rolls… they are the best.  

We split a bunch of rolls and they were all so delicious.  My husband even ordered an extra one afterwards.  🙂

On Sunday morning we took a long walk in the park, did some more baking, then headed to about 5 open houses.  We really liked one of the houses we saw, but definitely need to look more before deciding.  Oh!!! I have news!  We got an offer on our house last weekend and we are officially under contract.  I hope I don’t jinx it!  So as of now, we are on the hunt for our Nashville house!  We are going house hunting with our realtor on Sunday! 

Okay, back to last weekend.  After the open houses, we stopped by Smoothie King for a quick snack before the Predators game!  My dad, husband and I decided to buy a package of tickets for some of the games this season.  We got a little bit of a discount with the package and it allows us access to playoff tickets if they make it!  


I have an old Predators jersey, but it is still in Dallas so I borrowed my little brother’s jersey for the game. 🙂 Shhhh.. don’t tell him. 😉


We had great seats and the game was amazing!!  We were actually down 3 to 0 at one point.  


But we ended up coming back and beating the Dallas Stars 5 to 3!  That is a lot of goals for a hockey game!  It was soo exciting!!


After the game we came home and went to bed and just like that it was Monday again.

I am still trying to figure out my new blogging schedule as I navigate working full time and moving and house hunting and all that fun stuff, but don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! 

Have a great day, ya’ll! 


  1. How is your week going?
  2. Did you make any special treats for Valentines Day?
  3. What did you have for dinner last night? 

5 thoughts on “Last Weekend Activities… Only a Week Late!

  1. Great minds think alike because I also made heart shaped rice crispies! although my hearts definitely didn’t come out as nicely as yours lol I was looking for heart shaped cookie cutters but that was a fail so I winged it and it was definitely close to being a heart 🙂

    xo, JJ


  2. I didn’t make any special treats for valentine’s day, but I did have an m&m sugar cookie which was delicious! Those heart shaped rice crispies sound amazing though. Also your brother is a QT!

    Liked by 1 person

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