Favorite Sources of Protein (Without the Meat)

Happy Friday!!!  This week just flew by for me!  Did it for anyone else?  I am ready for another relaxing weekend with just a flew plans!  I hope you guys have some fun things planned!  

I know I have talked a little bit about the challenge I did in January, but I forgot to mention one important piece that I think was really beneficial to me.  First of all, the challenge definitely helped me realize I was not taking in enough calories for the amount of exercise I do regularly.  I workout 6-7 days a week with a little cardio, a few days of strength training and a couple days of walks/low intensity workouts.  I do take entire days off when I need to, but I tend to feel better if I have a long walk/yoga on days that I don’t have a hard workout.  If I don’t move enough, my back just kills me.

I have definitely mentioned that I am a snacker.  I like to graze rather than have a big meal.  Well… times are a changing!  🙂 The challenge made me realize that if I meal prep ahead of time, I will get in more regular meals (rather than just grazing through lunch/the afternoon) and be more satisfied.  I still snack one or two times per day, but I don’t always need a snack because my meals are keeping me fuller for much longer.

The big reason for this is that I have been conscious about adding more protein to my meals.  I’m not sure if I have ever told you guys that I don’t eat meat, but I don’t.  I do eat fish a few times a week though.  I have nothing against meat eaters (I cook chicken/turkey for my husband regularly); it really is just a personal choice.  I actually haven’t eaten meat since I was 14.  I grew up Catholic and when I was 14, I gave up meat for lent.  Well 40 days later, I still didn’t want to eat meat anymore and still haven’t since.   About 6 years ago I had 2 bites of steak and was terribly sick for 4 days.  (I definitely should have tried chicken before steak.)  Ever since then I just haven’t wanted to eat meat.  If I end up craving it one day, I will eat it.  Until then, I will just keep saving my money on my weekly grocery bill by stocking up on fruits and veggies (and a little fish). 😉  

Funny story… a few years ago, my husband tried to tell me that I spend too much money on groceries because of all the vegetables I buy.  So we ended up breaking down the grocery bill to meat/unhealthy snacks/desserts that he likes and then all the fruits and veggies I like.  Well, even though my quantity of food was about 3/4 of the grocery haul, it was only 1/3 of the whole grocery bill.  He hasn’t said a word about the grocery bill since. 😉 

Anyways… back to talking about protein.  Today I thought I would share my favorite sources of protein!

  1. Hard-Boiled Eggs.  I don’t like the yolks, but I love putting the whites on my salads.
  2. Nuts and nut butter.  My favorites are pecans, almonds, and walnuts.  I have peanut butter or almond butter almost every day.
  3. Chia seeds.  I love making overnight oats or chia seed pudding.
  4. Tofu.  I like to marinate then broil it so it gets nice and crispy on the outside.
  5. Beans and lentils.  Black beans and garbanzo beans are my favorites.
  6. Plant-based protein powder.  I like adding protein powder to my smoothies and oats!
  7. Almond/coconut milk.  I love these in smoothies, overnight oats, and for curries!
  8. Fish.  Salmon and tuna are my go-to when it’s grilling season.
  9. Quinoa.  I like to make a mexican quinoa salad for lunch or make a tofu and veggie curry with coconut milk to put over quinoa.
  10. Veggies!!! Veggies like spinach, kale, and peas pack a nice punch of protein!



  1. Any plans for the weekend? 
  2. What is your favorite source of protein?
  3. How much water do you drink every day?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Sources of Protein (Without the Meat)

  1. MMM I love tofu these days…I cant stop eating it! I just love how you can marinate it and make it be whatever you want or need it to be! Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve needed more snacks but in general in my non-pregnant days, I’ve found that having larger meals keeps me more satisfied and I only end up snacking once maybe twice in a day!

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  2. I really try and incorporate more plant based protein than animal based. Love nut butters, yogurt, cottage cheese, hummus, chickpeas, beans, and eggs! Tofu is the best but I’m picky about how it’s cooked!

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