Wordy Wednesday

Good morning friends!  

As I am adjusting to working full time, my brain is a little bit all over the place at the moment so this blog post may be too. 😉

Our dog Callie loves using pillows like humans do.  She always lays her head on them on the couch and our bed.  I found her like this the other night and tucked her in.  She is so spoiled.  🙂


When I was unpacking the other day, I turned around to find Riley like this… 


I proceeded to take him out of the duffel bag then turned around again to find him it in. 🙂


I took him out again and as I was hanging up some clothes in the closet, I looked over to find him in a different suitcase.  He is so confused where we are and why we are here. 🙂


A few minutes later, I found him on my pillow.  


My little brother plays hockey and last week his team got to practice at Bridgestone Arena (where the Predators play) so we all went to watch! 


My favorite lunch combo as of lately is kale with balsamic topped with broiled tofu, avocado, hard boiled egg and a little Dijon mustard!  So random, but I like it! 


Off to grab some more coffee because I think I’m going to need it! Have a great day ya’ll!


  1. What is your favorite lunch you have had lately?
  2. How much coffee do you drink per day?
  3. What time do you go to bed each night?



4 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. Aw I love that Callie loves pillows like that…haha! Favorite lunch lately is probably leftover stir fry. I find that when the veggies and rice noodles sit in the stir fry sauce overnight, it tastes even better the next day! I drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning and on really tough days I’ll make a 2nd in the afternoon. I have to wake up at 5:30 for work, so I try and get to bed around 10…sometimes earlier!
    That salad combo looks really good–I’ll have to try it…I love Dijon mustard.


  2. Oh my goodness, I cannot get enough of Riley at least if he’s ever missing you’ll know where to find him haha so adorable!

    xo, JJ


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