Foodie Friday…I’m Sticking to the Plan

Hi friends!!  Woo the weekend is here!!  We will be spending it getting a few things packed up for Nashville, but other than that we will just be enjoying the last weekend in Dallas. 

So I told you guys about this January challenge I am doing.. well, it is going great!  The workouts have been hard, but a nice change from my usual routine.  But the biggest change I have made is being so much more prepared.  I have been taking the time to meal plan, make a strategic grocery list, and food prep so that when it comes to meal time, there is no stress and no one gets hangry.  

I am probably in the minority that LOVE kale, but one thing I do not like about it is washing/chopping/massaging it.  I have made it my mission to do this as soon as I get home from the grocery store and then I store it in a big bowl in my refrigerator to use throughout the week.  This has made my life a whole lot more simple.  


For example, kale chips last night.  Just a little olive oil, salt and pepper.  My favorite.


And roasted veggies.  Sweet potatoes and carrots are at the top of my list!


When my husband is out of town for work (usually two nights a week), I usually make a big piece of salmon and eat half each night for dinner.  It is perfect because then I only have to cook once.  My current favorite way to enjoy salmon is to use a dry rub.  I mix salt, pepper, garlic powder, and lots of chili powder (I like spice) and top the salmon with it.  If my husband is out of town, I just use my indoor grill pan (I may or may not have started a fire in our outside grill once…).


My kind of meal!  Salmon with all the veggies! 


I have also been really good about prepping a few days worth of breakfast at a time.  I just store overnight oats in these glass containers and then top them with blueberries or banana slices in the morning and I am ready to go!!  This is especially convenient after an early morning at the gym when I come home super hungry! 


Off to run a few errands!! Have an amazing weekend, everyone!


  1. Sticking to your New Years resolutions/goals?
  2. Favorite week night meal?
  3. What are your plans for the weekend?

5 thoughts on “Foodie Friday…I’m Sticking to the Plan

  1. Omg you are such a little chef!!! I must say I’m in that majority group that doesnt like kale however, I do love kale chips. I got kale once to use in my salad and was so meh about it and my sister suggested using the rest for kale chips and she told me to do it just as you made yours and I liked eating like that better. Do you put anything on your sweet potatoes when you bake them? My favorite way of doing sweet potato is microwaving it for 2-3 min on each side and then cutting them in circle slices and snacking on it lol regardless, I like my sweet potatoes any way made, theyre so good!

    xo, JJ


    1. I agree.. I like kale chips better too. I like kale salads, but the kale has to be massaged and chopped up really well… I just put olive oil, salt and pepper on my sweet potatoes… if I want them sweet I will put coconut oil and cinnamon! Oh yeah that is a neat idea for a snack! How did people live without microwaves? 😉


  2. Looks delicious! Glad your goals are sticking! I’m obsessed with sweet potato fries too…actually potatoes in general haha.
    I have found that I much prefer baby kale to regular kale. Easier to work with and not quite so bitter. I do like me some kale every now and again though!

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