Favorite TV Series

Good morning!  I just got back from the gym and am enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee.  This day is definitely starting on the right track!  Who else is getting excited for the weekend?  It is our last official weekend in Dallas so I am ready to soak it all up!  My momma comes on Sunday so I am excited for that too! 

Today I thought I would share a list of my favorite TV series that I have watched and/or am watching currently in case you need some ideas!  These are in no particular order. Share your favorites in the comments with me! 

  1. Revenge.  
  2. Scandal.
  3. How to Get Away With Murder.
  4. The Catch.
  5. Notorious.
  6. Too Close to Home.
  7. Conviction. 
  8. Secrets and Lies.
  9. Shameless.
  10. Blood and Oil.
  11. House of Cards.
  12. Homeland. 
  13. Quantico.
  14. Prison Break.  
  15. Dirty Sexy Money. 
  16. Designated Survivor. 
  17. Motive.
  18. This is Us. 
  19. Breaking Bad.
  20. Nashville.  

Whoa, that was a lot of shows!  Some of these I was persuaded to watch by my husband, but ended up liking them.  I did not think I would like Prison Break or Breaking bad, but those are probably two of my top 5!  


  1. What was the best series you ever watched?
  2. What show are you currently watching? 
  3. Are you currently reading a book?

11 thoughts on “Favorite TV Series

  1. I was watching Scandal religiously for the first 2, almost 3 seasons and for some reason I stopped but I was so obsessed. I need to go back and watch it all now. I’m currently obsessed with This Is Us… I loved Dexter the first 5 seasons are SO good and then the story lines didnt end up being as good as those first 5, but still watched it all through. I also love The Office just as a ‘chilling out’ kind of show.

    xo, JJ


  2. I loved Breaking Bad and House of Cards a lot. I also really loved Stranger Things. Currently watching Portlandia, Jane the Virgin, and lots of HGTV


  3. Ooooooo girl, you brought up the show convo…. this could be a long comment… lol. As though my others aren’t? Prison Break is coming out with another season which I’m flipping out about… but I haven’t seen it in like four years so I feel like I’ll have to re-watch! Also your top 3 are easily my top 3 too (and I might add Grey’s Anatomy up there!). How to Get Away with Murder is one of my FAVES, but I am behind on it and the commercial totally spoiled that Wes was killed?! Like what the heck. I was so mad cause I wasn’t there yet! This is Us is so well done too. Have you seen Dexter? That’s what we are currently watching and LOVING. The first season is good, but the second and third seasons are amazing! Uhhh I also am a reality show addict… Bachelor and Bachelorette … yes, embarrassed to admit, but it would by lying by omission if I didn’t mention it 😉 Ok… I’ll stop now. Hahah. Have a great weekend, Taylor!


    1. Whoa! What??? Prison Break is coming out with a new season?!!?? How did I not know this?? Oh my gosh, that is so annoying that the end was spoiled for you!!! ugh! I have not seen Dexter or Grey’s Anatomy, but now those are on my list!! Oh girl, I LOVE reality shows… it is embarrassing. I didn’t add those to my list, but I love the Bachelor/ette, Vanderpump Rules, all the Realhousewives, Teen Mom… ugh! It’s an addiction! Have a great weekend!!! xoxoxo

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      1. OOKAY SPAZZINGGGG OVER HERE: VANDERPUMP RULES IS MY GUILTY PLEASURE. (and housewives). I never admit it because it’s seriously such a horrible (but the best type of horrible) show, but I flewww through the seasons, I only have a few episodes left. I told DJ I want to go to LA to go to SUR for my bday, so we are going to try and go in February. You have no idea how happy it makes me that you watch it too. Hahhaha


      2. OMG stop! I am SOOO jealous!!! I seriously want to go to SUR so badly! I have watched almost all the housewives episodes too. It is terrible how much I like it. My husband is so embarrassed by me when I tell people I love those shows. 😉

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      3. sameee! I totally get it. Just when I thought we couldn’t be more similar! Ha, the things our boys put up with. I usually put housewives on while I’m cooking dinner, and if I had a dime for every time he rolled his eyes at what they say on that show…! hahah


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