Weekend Recap 1.17.17…Games and Brunch!

Good morning!!  I hope your day is off to a good start!  The weeks I don’t post on Monday have me all confused… I keep thinking today is Monday.  I hope you guys all had a nice long weekend (if you had off work yesterday).  I’m not working at the moment during our move, so the last few weeks have felt very “off” to me.  It somehow still feels like the weekend when Friday rolls around so that must mean I have been keeping busy! 

Last week was full of errands and little tasks that needed to be done before our move and this week will be spent packing up my clothes for Nashville.  My mom is headed here next Sunday and then we will make the drive to Nashville next week.  Once our house sells, we will come back to Dallas when the movers come and say our final goodbyes. 😦 

Last Thursday we received our Hello Fresh box at our doorstep.  This isn’t a service I would typically use, but my dad, who uses it often, sent us a free box.  We have been making our way through the meals and so far, they have been pretty good! 

My mom got me a giftcard to Sephora for Christmas and I have been meaning to use it ever since.  I was in need of some new makeup, but the thought of braving the crowds at the mall was just not appealing to me at all.  I finally just decided I was going to order some new products online.  Along with new bronzer, a few bottles of mascara, and eyeshadow, I got a few new nail polishes that were on big time sale.  

My husband told me I forgot to paint one nail blue and he said it looks weird like this.  I told him all the cool kids are doing it.  He said I look like a 5 year old girl with her nails each painted a different color. 🙂 


In my spare time last week, I also managed to highlight my hair.  I don’t do anything drastic, but a nice touch up just makes me feel rejuvenated.  I have been dyeing my hair myself for a few years now and I don’t think I will ever get it colored professionally again.  The highlight kit I buy at CVS was on sale for $6 (usually $12).  I think that is the cheapest I have ever highlighted my hair.  I also don’t miss sitting at the salon for hours and hours.  🙂


Friday and Saturday night were pretty uneventful.  We watched a lot of Nashville on Hulu and played a few games of Boggle (our current favorite game).  

Sunday morning we went to brunch with my sister and a few friends.  My sister suggested Taverna and it was a huge hit.  It was really crowded so we were thankful we had reservations.  


Okay, I know I am in the minority here, but I almost always order lunch at brunch.  I feel like everyone else orders some sort of egg dish, but I rarely do.  

Love these girls!


After brunch we headed to my sister’s house to hang out.  We spent the afternoon playing games and watching the Cowboys game.  By the time we got home, cooking was out of the question so we picked up some Thai food and called it a night! 


The weekend always goes by way too fast, but I’m so glad we got to spend it with our friends who we will miss so dearly when we move!  I hope you all have an amazing week!!! 


  1. Breakfast or lunch food when out to brunch?
  2. Tell me the highlight of your weekend.  
  3. Do you color your hair? 

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 1.17.17…Games and Brunch!

  1. Girl you highlight your own hair from a box?!?! HOW! I’m always nervous doing it on my own but like, it works??? Sometimes I just need like a little touch up but I dont want to go spending $80+ on it *sigh* Also I’m such an online shopper too, I had a gc back from Aug that my sister gave me for my bday and JUST used it too….online lol But it’s kinda better online because you get free little goodies to go with it. Love the polish colors one of my favorite combos (but I only looked at it for one second because my eyes are just naturally drawn to that gorgeous rock 😉 )

    xo, JJ


    1. Haha. Yes! I do! I can’t get over paying that much money to color my hair so I just watched you tube videos to learn how! I just hate the mall crowds and trying to find a packing spot, etc. I love the little goodies online too! You are so sweet!! My husband did a good job! 🙂 xoxoxo

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  2. I usually go for more breakfasty stuff at brunch. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Does Hello Fresh seem to have a lot of gluten free options? Are most options dairy filled? I’m always curious about those services!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, I was going to do a review of Hello Fresh, but honestly my review wouldn’t be very positive. I think the meals were unique and tasty, but they do not offer a specifically gluten free option. I picked the veggie option and my husband added meat to his and I had to leave out the gluten ingredients (usually just a starch like couscous). It is nice how all the ingredients are pre-measured and individually wrapped, but honestly, it was a lot more ingredients that I prefer cooking with. I think it is nice for a date night in, but a week night meal… it took too long for my liking. 🙂


  3. OOoooOO love the hair! The hair goddess queen strikes again. Looks like a great weekend overall! I totally know what you mean about not working but still feeling like the weekends are the weekends! You’re so close to the actual move! Woot woot!

    Brunch: BREAKFAST (with coffee & a mimosa)- not sure if that’s weird, but it happens
    – Highlight: Hmmm, well let’s see.. I met with a friend for coffee in San Jose and it was just great conversation!
    – Hecks yes! I know it’s bad (and expensive), but hey, ya win some ya lose some.

    Have SUCH a great weekend, darlin’! xo

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