Girls Night Celebrations

Good morning!!  I just got back from an early morning at the gym and I am wiped!!  With the weather being so warm, I haven’t been able to sleep as well as I usually do.  I love it really cold when I sleep because I naturally just get super hot at night.  Well, with the temperatures in the high 70s the past two days, it has made for some toasty temps at night.  I could turn the air conditioner on, but something just feels wrong about doing that in January!!!  

Anyways… I have been really good at preparing food ahead of time this week to have throughout the day, which makes me super happy!  I hope to keep this routine going… but it definitely helps to have quite a bit of spare time right now.  One of the dishes I made this week was a big quinoa salad to have for lunch or dinner.  Sometimes I eat it plain, but if I am extra hungry, I add salmon on top. 


Last night I got to have dinner with two of my favorite girls, my sister and our friend, Shelby.  We got to celebrate Shelby’s birthday and just have lots of girl talk.  We went to Eureka, which you have heard me mention on here before.   It is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas! 

We started with the crispy brussels sprouts!  Sooo good!


I got the pan seared salmon for my entree and it was delicious!


We had so much fun just chatting and catching up.  These two girls are both in law school right now.  They are both so brilliant and I want to be just like them when I grow up. 😉


Soaking up the last couple weeks in Dallas with the ones I love the most! Have a great day ya’ll!  I am off to get a massage and then head to the bank with my neighbor to transfer over my duties of HOA Treasurer. 🙂  Then my sweet hubby comes back in town tonight (he has been in Nashville all week)!!  


  1. Do you have any siblings? If so, how many?
  2. Are you close to your siblings?  How often do you see/talk to them?
  3. Did you do any meal prepping this week?

7 thoughts on “Girls Night Celebrations

  1. That really is so weird to think about using AC in January lol darn you and your Dallas weather….I would loveeee to have my winters like that! Those meals looks so delicious, I’m such a brussels fan, I feel like not many people are so I’m always excited to see other people posting or cooking with it! So jelly you’re about to get a massage, theyre the best things ever!!! Enjoy!

    xo, JJ


  2. I just caught up on all yours posts!!!! SO many exciting things going on! How fun that you were able to have that girls night ❤ You seem very very calm with the big move coming up and CONGRATS on the big job offers!!! Eureka never disappoints! I've never tries their brussels sprouts, but we will have to go back and give them a go!

    – 3 siblings (older brother, older sister, younger sister)
    – YES! I'm especially close to my younger sister, but I definitely have a special relationship with the other two too. We are all so spread out though so it's hard to see each other.
    – My husband and I are doing the Daniel fast with our church, so I had to do a whooole lot of prepping outside of my usual! It's been fun though! Thank goodness for Whole Foods haha.


  3. Sounds like a lovely Girls night! I am very close with my two sisters and try to see them once a week if I can. I did a little food prep this week so Im happy with that–Im getting back in the food prep groove!


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