I’m So Sore and I Love A Good Challenge

Hi ya’ll!  How is your morning going?  I just got back from an early morning Body Pump class so I am starting my day off feeling great!  I’m sure I will crash by the time the afternoon rolls around as I was tossing and turning all night!  I hate that.  Oh well… probably means I am due for a good night of sleep tonight… let’s hope.  

I have been meaning to fill you guys in on a little challenge I am doing for the month of January.  My best friend Rachael and I decided to do Ashy Bines’ 28 Day Challenge for the month of January.  (PS. This post is not sponsored, just sharing my opinions freely.)  We were both lacking a little motivation and needed an extra push.  The challenge is all about women motivating each other to make nutrition and exercise a top priority to help us all feel a little better inside and out.  This is in no way a diet.  I have actually been eating more food than I usually do while eliminating alcohol and sugar.  The other big change is an increase in my water consumption.  It is quite amazing how much better you can feel when you are properly hydrated.  

I thought it would be fun to show you guys a few of the meals I have been enjoying regularly.  I always love seeing other peoples’ meals and getting new ideas.  

The other big thing this challenge is helping me with is meal prepping.  I had definitely gotten out of the habit and it was time for a change.  Life has been a lot less hectic around meal times this week having already prepared my food ahead of time.  

For example, these overnight oats were consumed this morning after the gym.  


Yesterday, I had chia seed pudding for breakfast!


A delicious quinoa and chickpea salad for lunch!  Yesterday I made a broccoli and tofu stirfry, but forgot to take a picture!  It was my favorite meal so far.


Last night I had grilled swordfish with veggies for dinner.


I am really loving the challenge so far especially because I tend to get in a food rut and make the same meals over and over again.  I am mostly sticking to the vegan meal plan, but incorporating some fish a couple times per week and that seems to be a good plan for me.  

But oh my goodness, you guys, I am so sore.  I am still doing some Body Pump classes and running each week while incorporating the set workout from the challenge each week.  Yesterday’s workout made my legs so sore… they were shaking in the lunge track during Body Pump this morning.  Ouch!  I am really trying to be proactive with my stretching during this challenge as I am doing incorporating more activity in my daily routine.  This is always a hard habit for me to stick to.  I will update you guys along the way during this challenge and share more meals if you want.  

I am off to get ready for the day!  I have some shopping to do!  Have an amazing Thursday friends! 


  1. What did you eat for breakfast today?
  2. Favorite pre-workout or post-workout snack?
  3. How cold is it where you are?  It is in the 30s in Dallas.

13 thoughts on “I’m So Sore and I Love A Good Challenge

  1. Proud of you girlie!!! And quite frankly the healthy meals looks so delicious!! Sometimes even better than a burger or something. What is that first shake made of?!?! It looks so good and I want to remake it!!!

    xo, JJ


  2. This sounds like a good plan–I’ve never heard of this one! The meals sound really yummy and creative–i get in food ruts too!
    It’s currently 24 degrees and snowing where I live–time to head to the islands! haha


  3. I’ve never heard of body pump but it sounds so fun (AND DIFFICULT – but in the best way!). I should see if they have it around here! Alsoooo if you EVER have spare time I would love to know how you make your overnight oats and chia seed pudding! It looks so yummy!
    – Breakfast: Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread with 2 TBSP of Fage yogurt, ½ packet stevia, and dehydrated apple slices on top!
    – Pre workout (depends on the time of day) but usually PB2 or Boom chicka pop . Post: egg + guac + toast (which I know you love too!)
    – It’s actually in the high 40s/low 50s—which is way too chilly for my liking here! My mom sent me pictures of the snow on the ground in Fort Worth!
    Have SUCH a beautiful weekend, Taylor! xoxo


    1. You should totally try body pump if you find a class.. it is amazing!!

      The challenge I am currently doing has overnight oats and chia seed pudding on the menu so I am using those recipes.
      Overnight oats – 1/3 cup oats, 1 cup almond or coconut milk, 1 TBL chia seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut, any berries you like! I also like to add 1/2 scoop protein powder and a little drizzle of peanut butter on top if I am extra hungry.
      Chia seed pudding – 2-3 TBL chia seeds, 1 cup almond or coconut milk. I add cinnamon to both of these recipes and refridgerate overnight. I also love adding honey, almonds, walnuts, banana slices, raisins, etc. The possibilities are endless!! I just love already having breakfast ready for me when I get up in the morning!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That sounds SOOO good! Thank you for sharing! I just made overnight oats a couple nights ago for DJ (he’s doing no meat/dairy for most of January), and he LOVED them- even with unsweetened almond milk. I have got to try your recipe though! You’re right -the possibilities are ENDLESS! My big thing is I can’t get the chia seeds to expand- do you know why that is?


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