Date Night and Lots of Snuggles

Hi friends!!  How are you doing?  I am just trying to get through today to make it to our holiday break, which starts tomorrow!  We are headed to Indiana to my in-law’s house for the Christmas weekend and we are getting excited!!  This will be one last restful weekend before the moving craziness starts in early 2017.  

On Sunday night my husband and I ventured out in the cold for our date night!


 I have been wanting to try R & D Kitchen for awhile now because I have heard such great things!


And let me tell you… it was even better than we imagined.  

I got the ahi tuna salad and it was so so so good! Definitely glad we gave this place a try before we move!


Our dog Riley is a pretty cuddly little guy, but often times he likes to go hide by himself under the bed or downstairs on his dog bed.  Well lately, he is all about momma.  He is sitting on my lap as I type this up.  Over the weekend, this is where you could find us 80% of the time.  I just love his little cuddles.  


My husband loves this too…. Riley has made himself quite comfortable in our bed the last few nights.  He is funny and sleeps on his side like a human.  Such a sweetie!  


Well that is all I have for today.  I am off to pack for colder weather!! 


  1. Are you working this week? 
  2. What are your plans for the holidays?
  3. What are you having for dinner tonight?

2 thoughts on “Date Night and Lots of Snuggles

  1. Your hair!!!! How do you get those luscious curls!??!? Help a girl out! Also ya’ll are the cutest as is Riley. And that ahi tuna salad looked to die for. YUM.
    Are you working this week? Nope . Still unemployed. We’ll just pretend I’m not. LOL.
    What are your plans for the holidays? Travel travel travel!
    What are you having for dinner tonight? We are pretending it’s Christmas eve here in Texas so my mom is making a big Christmas Eve meal – mashed potatoes, acorn squash with meatballs (vegan meatballs for us!), roasted veggies, goat cheese and pear salad, and my step dad’s famous pumpkin crunch for dessert! I will take pics of course 😉

    Have a FANTASTIC rest of your day, love!


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