Nashville Trip Recap

Good morning!!  How is your week going?  I had all intentions of blogging yesterday, but the day just got away from me so here we are… starting the week on a Tuesday… not unusual around here. 🙂 My husband and I just got back from our annual biometric screenings for money back on our health insurance plan so that was fun. 😉 We did reward ourselves with some Starbucks afterwards so I suppose the blood draw was worth it. 

Yesterday was spent running lots of errands and getting ready for the photographer to come over to take pictures of our house for when it goes on the market.  You should see our closets right now. 😉 The pictures came out great so I am glad to check that off the to-do list.  You would think we would be pros at moving since we have done it so much, but every time it seems like there is so much more to do than the last time. 

Anyway.. let’s back up to last week in Nashville.  I went to Nashville for a couple job interviews and stayed an extra day to hang out with my mom and sister (she was in Nashville for her Christmas break from law school).  My dad picked me up from the airport on Wednesday morning and I headed to my first interview.  After that my dad suggested we go to Mere Bulles for lunch and I never turn down a good meal.  

We both got salads and they were yummy!! 

Wednesday night I met my best friend Rachael and one of her good friends for dinner at Virago.  I forgot to snap any pictures, but the sushi was phenomenal!

 Thursday morning I had another interview and followed that with a workout from Julie over at  It was a good one!


Then we had some champagne while I braided my sister’s hair.  

My sister got this puzzle for my mom for Christmas. We started it, but 1000 pieces is a lot!


My mom and stepdad made us some fish, rice, and roasted squash for dinner at home. 


Friday morning my mom treated my sister and I to facials at a local spa.  They were amazing and so relaxing.  And then we spent some time watching Gilmore girls.  My mom is watching from the beginning.  Have you guys seen the new season?  I haven’t watched it yet, but need to get on that!


My sister and I grabbed a quick lunch from Zoes to eat at home.  Have you guys tried their quinoa salad?  It was really good!


Friday afternoon we had to pick up bags of donated clothing and toys from a house to take to church.  My mom is in charge of a charity at her church and they collected toys and clothing for 80 families this year.  


There are going to be some happy kids on Christmas morning!  My sister and I got the job of organizing the toys.  


Friday evening I flew back to Dallas and we had a quite night in.  I was exhausted.  I don’t have any pictures to show for this past weekend because it was spent cleaning and napping. 🙂  

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Are you ready for the holidays?
  3. Is it cold where you live?  It is supposed to get up to 50 today in Dallas.   

6 thoughts on “Nashville Trip Recap

  1. All of that food looks so good and healthy at that! I love adding quinoa to my salad, I generally always do when I make my own and/or I’ll add cous cous, I love the little bit of added texture! That braid is phenomenal, her hair looks like it’s SO thick considering how big the braid is, jeeze! Good hair must run in the family 🙂

    xo, JJ


  2. Sounds like you guys are being super productive with the move!!!!! Woohoo! Per usual, all the food looks so yummm. I’m sure you slayed those interviews. I haven’t finished Gilmore Girls yet, but I need to!!!
    – My weekend was soo good! My mom surprised us with a girl’s weekend to San Antonio
    – Yes!! I can’t wait for Christmas! I definitely have a last few things to do, but generally ready!
    – I am currently in the Dallas Fort Worth area too! Not sure how Cali is doing right now though.

    Have a great week, dear! xoxo


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