A Birthday Surprise and Dallas Stars Game

Well I made it to Nashville and it is freezing.  I thought it was cold in Dallas.. nope.  Anyway.. Tuesday night my sister organized a little surprise birthday night for her boyfriend, Max, at their apartment.  She got lots of appetizers, pizza, and the cutest little cakes to celebrate.  


My sister told her boyfriend that they were just going out to dinner to celebrate his birthday, but when he got home from work me, Jon and another friend were there waiting.  Later on two more friends showed up and he was so shocked.  I just love seeing people so surprised!

The boys. 


Happy Birthday to Max!!


Otis helped his open his presents. 🙂


After dinner we headed downtown for the Dallas Stars game.  My sister used to work for the Stars so she was able to score us some tickets!! 


This was our failed attempt at a 7 person selfie. LOL.


Oh my gosh so funny story.  My sister pulls out this lip stick that is from Kylie Jenner’s lip kit and I was laughing and couldn’t believe she bought it.  She reassured me that she just bought the lip stain, but that it looked horrible on her.  Well the bottle makes the color look so light so I decided to try it.  I’m not a huge fan of color on my lips, but the bigger issue is trying to make sure it stays put all night.  I ended up with it all over my teeth and face.  #lipstainnewbie


Me and my sweet hubs. 


My sister and the birthday boy!

After the second period, we went to the Lexus club and got a drink and watched the rest of the game from there.  We had a blast cheering on the Stars!


They won 6 to 2 so it was a big scoring game!


We are sure going to miss these two when we move. 😦 


Enjoy your Thursday!! 


  1. Do you like surprises?
  2. Favorite sporting event to attend?
  3. Any plans for the weekend?

5 thoughts on “A Birthday Surprise and Dallas Stars Game

  1. Such a sweet surprise…and I noticed not 1 not 2 but 3 cakes?!?! What a lucky guy! Hockey games are so great, I haven’t been to one yet this year but your post is reminding me that I need to!! Also, I got a kylie jenner lip gloss before too and I just wasnt a fan. I loved the color but after applying it I was mehhh, not sure what the hype is all about and why people still obsess over it! Anyways, looks like it was a really fun time- thanks for sharing it with all of us!!

    xo, JJ


  2. Hahaha, oh no ! Been there with the lipstick before. Well I never would have guessed based on the pictures! It looked super cute. I just love how close you are with your family & you and your husband are as adorable as ever.
    – I do like surprises!!! But I tend to plan my days out to a T, so depending on the surprise…. there are some I like more than others. lol.
    – Basketball games!
    – Traveling to Dallas/Fort Worth!!!! Woohoo!

    Have such a good weekend and enjoy Nashville! xoxo


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