Ways to Make Your Bowl of Oatmeal a Whole Lot Heartery

If you are like me, a warm bowl of oatmeal is what I’m craving on these chilly, winter mornings.  While I love starting my day with a big smoothie, I don’t love shivering for hours afterwards. 🙂  So lately, a big bowl of oatmeal it is!  But let’s be honest, oatmeal can be really boring.  But I see this boring breakfast food as a great opportunity to make it unique… meaning you can cater your bowl of oatmeal to suit your preferences and taste buds.  Truth be told, I can eat the same thing for days on end at breakfast, but every once in a while, I do like to switch it up.  So today I am sharing my favorite add-ins to make that boring bowl of oatmeal a little more fun and satisfying.

Side note: I am off to somewhere tropical today so I won’t be shivering for long!  Can you guess where I am going? 🙂 

Fruit – Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and raisins are a few of my favorites.  


Protein – Egg whites are the perfect mix in while cooking to add a lot of extra protein for minimal calories.  Protein powder is also another great option.  Add a scoop to your bowl after cooking.


Healthy fats – Peanut butter is probably my favorite add-in because well, peanut butter makes everything taste better. 🙂  Almond butter or chopped almonds are also amazing.  


Extras – Adding a dash of cinnamon, vanilla extra, honey, maple syrup, or unsweetened almond milk are excellent choices to amp up the flavor without much effort!  


Now you tell me…

  1. What is your favorite oatmeal add-in?
  2. What is your favorite cold weather, hearty breakfast?
  3. Do you eat the same thing for breakfast everyday or do you like to switch it up?


4 thoughts on “Ways to Make Your Bowl of Oatmeal a Whole Lot Heartery

  1. This looks maddeningly delicious! I had oatmeal every.single.day (give or take a couple) for about five years!!! This past summer is the first time I started changing it up. My favorite oatmeal add in is probably warm peaches, cinnamon, and whipped cream! The way you made it looks sooo good though! I am going to have to try it sooon.

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  2. I surprisingly wasn’t an oatmeal fan until last year, I guess I just never really had it and one day I got it from a Starbs and was IN LOVE! I love adding dried fruit- dried pineapples, bananas, and mango pieces (or at least i think the little orange pieces are mango) I love the contrast of textures. But oh my, I’m probably going to have to try it with peanut butter, im such a PB lover!!! Good tip 😉

    xo, JJ

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