Guest Post: A Recipe You Must Try: Puttanesca Courgetti

Hi friends!  I hope you are doing well and staying warm!  It is really starting to get chilly here in Dallas, which leaves my craving warm, comfort foods.  I have been making a lot of soups and curry/rice dishes to fulfill my cravings lately.  Ben approached me about guest posting on the blog and his request came at the perfect time.  He wanted to write about a new favorite recipe of his that is warm and comforting and takes just as good as it looks!! This recipe will definitely be on my meal rotation!  

Hi everyone! My name’s Ben and I cycle. I cycle a lot. And I guess that this means I eat a lot too. My commute to and from work every day alone means that I am cycling about 27 miles a day, which means that I am burning somewhere in the region of 1500 calories per day. For a lot of people, that’s about two decent meals-worth of food, and as a lot of you know it can be a dangerous amount to burn if not quickly made back up.

Luckily for me, I love to eat. When I’m not making food, thinking about food, or drooling over food photography, I write over at

Today I’m sharing a beautifully easy recipe that is not only addictive and immensely satisfying to eat: It’s healthy, low-carb… and delicious! It’s Puttanesca Courgetti.


Its name literally translates as “spaghetti in the style of a prostitute”. Lovely stuff. I’m probably even being quite delicate with the translation of that last word.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful meal that certainly belies the crude meaning of its name.

People argue about where the name originally came from. For example, some say the dish was made popular by mistresses making it for their clients as a pre or post… ahem… ‘coital’ snack. But I like the version where a restaurant owner was asked to “put any old rubbish together”, and he just so happened to have a few tomatoes, some anchovies, capers and some olives.

And so this dish was born. It’s a tangy, salty and slightly spicy dish that a) takes mere minutes to make, and b) requires very little washing up. Perfect!

What makes this dish even more perfect is that it goes beautifully with courgette (zucchini), so is a great opportunity for us to swap out carb-heavy spaghetti with something much lighter and healthier: Courgetti/zoodles!


Replacing spaghetti and pasta with courgetti is something that’s only really occurred to me within the past few months, but ever since then I’ve been obsessed with the stuff. Going through these obsessive phases is typical of me – for a long time I was putting the superfood kimchi in everything – but it really is a great alternative to have on your palette, especially as a much healthier alternative to pasta. It’s just as satisfying to eat, but a whole lot cleaner.

If you don’t already have a spiralizer then I can’t recommended heavily enough that you get one. They’re easy to use and inexpensive, and so much quicker than using a julienne peeler.

Be sure to let me know what you all think of this recipe. It’s a great recipe to have in your cooking arsenal, and one that I can’t wait to bust out again some time this week!
For two servings, you will need:
3 courgettes (zucchini)
2 cloves of garlic
Handful of capers
Handful of pitted black olives, sliced
Chilli flakes
Tin of tomatoes
Olive oil
Start off by spiralizing or julienning your courgettes into long, thin, spaghetti-like strands. Put them in a bowl and leave to one side. We’ll be coming back to these beauties later!


Pre-heat a pan on hot, then down to medium heat. Chuck in a generous helping of olive oil (I mean really generous) then crush in the garlic cloves and five or six anchovies.

As the garlic begins to brown and the anchovies dissolve, add in a generous sprinkle of chili flakes and then your black olives and capers.

Stir for a minute or so before then adding your tinned tomatoes. Let it bubble for a few minutes, stirring regularly.

Take your courgette strands (remember them?) and add to the sauce. Mix in through the sauce to make one consistent mix.

Once ready, serve up and add with a healthy serving of fresh parmesean. Enjoy!




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