Weekend Recap 11.23.16 …Mom Visits and Family Dinner

Hi friends!!  I hope your Thanksgiving week is going by nice and quickly and that you all get to share a nice meal with friends and/or family tomorrow.  The cooking has already begun around here and I am getting excited for tomorrow!  We are currently in Nashville visiting my parents for the week.  My mom and I drove to Nashville from Dallas on Monday (we left at 4am) with my two dogs and my sister’s dog.  It was a long 10 hours, but we played crossword puzzles so it went by pretty quickly.  Jon and my sister have arrived now and my sister’s boyfriend comes tomorrow.  It has been go go go ever since I arrived, which is always fun.  I will share more of my Thanksgiving week either Friday or next week, but before then here is a recap of last weekend in Dallas!!  

We got lots of cuddles from this sweet pup.  She is the cutest!


My mom came to town on Friday to help me make the drive back to Nashville so I could bring all the pups.  My mom loves cute little bakeries so we made sure to make a couple stops to Boulangerie for pastries and sandwiches.  


My mom spent a lot of time deep cleaning our house (I know I know, she is awesome) and Riley found a new bed in our shelf and watched her. 🙂 


We spent a lot of time playing a new-to-us card game called Vantage.  We found it in our game drawer and have no idea where it came from.  It took us a while to catch on, but it was super fun once we figured it out.  


Nothing beats a cold fall night with some football and candles. 


Saturday night we went to my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house for dinner.   Their girls were in town with their boyfriends and a few other family friends came too.  We had the most amazing salmon dip for an appetizer along with some other goodies.  


We had lots of yummy food for dinner including a rice stuffing I brought that I was dying to try.  It was delicious!

And of course, we can’t forget dessert!


We spent Sunday at church, Home Depot, the grocery store, and finished the night with dinner at home with my sister and her boyfriend followed by a few rounds of Vantage.  Monday morning we woke up at 3:30am to get ready for our long roadtrip!  

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!  I am so thankful for all my readers!  I really appreciating you reading my randomness and for all the sweet comments and messages!  


  1. Favorite card game?
  2. Do you like macaroons?
  3. Do you like candles as much as I do? 


6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 11.23.16 …Mom Visits and Family Dinner

  1. Enjoy your week with your family! Sounds like youre already off to a great start! I love Skipbo and Uno a lot they are both fun card games. I love macaroons but I think most of them have cream in them so I have to find vegan ones. And I’m obsessed with candles! Especially in the fall.
    What recipe did you use for that rice stuffing? That’d be a nice one to have in my back pocket!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww I love reading your recaps! And if moms won’t deep clean our homes, who will?!? Aren’t they just the best? Love that. Also we all know how I love my food and these food pics sent my mouth into a watering frenzy (especially the brie!). YUMMY.
    card game? WAR
    Do you like macaroons? HECK to the YES
    Do you like candles as much as I do? If you are obsessed and the thought of candles can instantly put you in a good mood.. then yes. haha. ❤

    I hope you had an absolutely wonderful and tasty Thanksgiving, lovely xo


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