Random Mid-week Thoughts

Hey guys!  How is your week going?  This week is feeling quite slow moving to me, but I know Friday will be here before we know it.  

Currently I am trying to get all my Christmas shopping done (I know, who am I?) because I am leaving for Nashville next Monday for Thanksgiving and we won’t see  my family this year for Christmas so early gift giving it is.  I am almost done, but I have to run to the mall today for a couple more things and that should be it!  I am hoping to get Christmas cards started this week too… Love the holidays.. could do without all the prep work. 😉  My dining room table is currently a disaster from all my gift wrapping activities.  

So if you missed it on Monday on my Instagram, I’ll show you how we were feeling around here earlier this week…LOL.  Luckily we have caught up on the zzz’s. 


This little guy is currently sitting on my lap because he is on one this morning.  He is not a yippy little dog, but once in a while he will sit by the door and bark/growl at everything and anything that moves.  Today is one of those days.  So now he is in time out in my lap…. I don’t mind it. 😉

It is finally feeling a little fallish in Dallas this week.  Chilly mornings and evenings!  However.. today is supposed to be a high of 86.. what the heck!  

Oh I finally got some new running shoes!  I have been needing them for a while now (my other ones have big holes in them) so Monday I went to Luke’s Locker and picked out a pair.  I ended up with Nike’s for my running pair.  I usually only use Nike’s for strength training, but these felt really comfortable so we will see.  The last pair I had were Saucony’s and I loved them. 

Incredibly random, but I recently got an electric toothbrush and it is life-changing, ya’ll!  I feel like my teeth get a much better clean and I don’t have to work so hard = win win! 

My momma is coming into town on Friday and I can’t wait!!  We have some fun things planned for the weekend so it should be really fun! 

My sister gave me this ring for my birthday.  I am in love with it.  I saw her wearing it a while ago and mentioned that I loved it and she remembered!  The picture doesn’t do it justice.. it is gold with diamonds.


Speaking of birthday gifts, my dad gave me a gift certificate for a few massages and I am thinking I should get one this week.  I am so sore from a couple Body Pump classes.

These two.  The blonde doggie is Cora.  We watch her quite a bit because her momma travels a lot for work.  She loves my dog Callie.  The feeling is not mutual. 🙂 


Well that’s all the randomness I have for you today!  Check back tomorrow for a post about another favorite vitamin/supplement of mine! 


  1. Do you use an electric toothbrush?
  2. Do you send out holiday cards each year?
  3. Are you an early or last minute shopper?

4 thoughts on “Random Mid-week Thoughts

  1. A nice little refreshing update 🙂 What are the temps in Dallas about these days? (aside from it being 86- I’d loveeee my falls to be like that) That’s fun that you guys get to go to Nashville even though its not for your side of the family, I guess thats the whole “give and take” portion of being married but I’m sure it’ll still be great! And kudos to you for starting xmas shopping I wish I was wise enough to start now lol I tend to start on Black Friday….good day to start followed by cyber monday!

    xo, JJ


    1. I can’t believe it is so warm in Dallas right now! Although I shouldn’t complain… I don’t like the cold! My family is actually from Nashville, so we will see them for Thanksgiving, but we will be with my in-laws for Christmas this year so that explains the early shopping for my family. 🙂 I usually avoid Black Friday shopping, but I do love a good Cyber Monday deal!

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