Weekend Recap 10.31.16 … Bray Wedding in Cleveland, Ohio

Good morning!! Happy Halloween!! I hope your weekend was full of fun and relaxation!  We arrived home last evening after a wonderful weekend in Ohio celebrating the marriage of two good friends.  

I’m going to do a quick recap because I’ve got to go vote today (will be out of town during election) and I’ve got a lot of stuff to do before we leave town again tomorrow! 

We got into Cleveland late Friday night and checked into the Hyatt Place and ran to the nearest tv to see the end of the Indians game.  Woo they won!!  Then we called it a night.  

Saturday morning started bright an early with breakfast and then a workout at the hotel before we got ready for the wedding.  The wedding ceremony took place at St. Angela Merici Catholic Church.  It was a beautiful ceremony!


We had a few hours to in between the ceremony and the reception so we headed to B Spot to meet up with our friends, Amber and Andrew, who just got married a couple weeks ago!  We had a blast reminiscing their fun wedding weekend! 


We were roommates our freshmen year of college and have been friends ever since!  Love this girl! 


Around 6pm we took the shuttle to the reception at St. Demetrios Cultural Center.  The bride and groom put so much thought into all the small details.  They had a box that your could give them advice that they would open on their 1st, 5th, an 10th year wedding anniversary.  Such a neat idea.  The couple met at Miami University (in Ohio), which is actually where my husband and I met too.  

I don’t have many pictures of the night because we were busy dancing the night away.  But the highlight of the night… the bride and groom danced their first dance and when we thought they were almost done, they busted out into choreographed dancing to about 10 different songs.  Everyone went wild cheering the couple on.  It was by far the best surprise of the night!!

Here’s us wishing we could dance like the newlyweds. 😉


Oh, and they had a photobooth with so many fun props! We had such a blast!!! 


Congrats to the newlyweds, Kat and Steve!  We are so happy for you both!! xoxoxo

This wedding wraps up wedding season for us this year!  We had so much fun witnessing the weddings of 4 of our favorite couples! 


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Are you dressing up this year?  If so, as what?
  3. Since it is almost lunchtime, what are you having today?

7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 10.31.16 … Bray Wedding in Cleveland, Ohio

  1. i love a good wedding, theyre always so fun to attend!! and how awesome that you got to catch up with an old roommate/friend…kill two birds with one stone kind of day ha.

    xo, JJ

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  2. Taylor- you looked gorgeous, and that venue is gorgeous! I was so excited when the title of the post said Cleveland. I have actually never heard of that church, but I’m sure I’ve probably drove past it a million times. It sounds like it was suchhhh a blast. I was having a bit of wedding fever this year because due to the move we didn’t attend any (and we have no friends yet here- okay sort of dramatic but still, no weddings! haha). We did a surprise choreographed dance at our wedding too- ours was so dorky, lol. but if they end up posting theirs on youtube or somewhere will you share it with us?! Here is the link if you need an awkward laugh…. haha: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_ApMXBZ3hT8 . Hope you are having a great day. You know I’m counting down the hour to the BIG GAME! WOOHOO!

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    1. OH MY GOSH!!! cutest bridesmaids dance ever!!!! I love it!! You definitely have better moves than me! Yes I will definitely share their video when they post it!! Thanks for sharing yours with me!! I just love weddings.. we already have 2 next year and 2 in 2018! crazy!

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