Healthy Yet Tempting Desserts For Holiday Parties a Guest Post By Rachel Stires

Hi friends!  I have a really fun guest blog for you today!  Rachel reached out to me a little while ago asking if she could write a guest post on the blog.  She mentioned healthy, but tempting desserts as an option for a topic and I was immediately sold!  I love something sweet after a meal, but hate feeling sluggish and too full so I am always in the market for healthy alternatives to some of my favorite desserts!  

Rachel is a contributing writer and media specialist for Orangetheory Fitness and regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle and health blogs. In her free time she actively pursues a happier, healthier lifestyle, but also loves to travel, write, and draw.

Holiday desserts are, without a doubt, amazing. That’s what makes them so hard to resist, especially when you’re trying to celebrate traditions with family and friends during some of the best times of the year. Trying to avoid desserts might only lead you into further temptation, so why not bring some healthy, delicious alternatives that you and your family can indulge in together?


Apple Pie (Image Source)

These little apple pies will help you stay a little more health conscious, but are adorable and delicious at the same time! They call for apples in the place of pie crusts, obviously, but you can still get your pie crust fix by draping strips of it over the top of the apple. You can make this recipe even healthier by modifying the filling. For example, instead of using sugar to sweeten it you can always use honey, a zero calorie sweetener, or just leave at is with some cinnamon sprinkled in! While this recipe does call for brown and white sugar, both of these could be replaced with healthier alternatives, and it serves as a good example of what to do.


Cheesecake (Image Source)

Cheesecake is a holiday classic, but a lot of people worry about the fat content. This is an easy fix! There are many ways to prepare cheesecake, but in this case, I figured I’d stick to a traditional cheesecake with a healthier twist. This yummy strawberry cheesecake recipe will definitely be a hit at your next holiday party, and there are further alternatives to this recipe that I would suggest. I like to make low-carb cheesecake instead of low fat, but one thing I like to do is use almond flour as a crust. This could be as simple as mixing some butter and almond flour together, or you can always add a little brown sugar or another sweetener if you’d like. I personally like the crust to be a little salty so it complements the sweetness of the cheesecake. Again, you can sub in a zero calorie sweetener if you prefer that over traditional sugar.


Ice Cream (Image Source)

While I do not have any recipes to share for ice cream, I do sympathize with those struggling to find a colder sweet treat to dig into. This is one of my favorite desserts, and can be a bit harder to replace since you might not want to make it by hand. I have a couple of alternatives to suggest. I recently tried Halo Top and it has some great options. Each tub of ice cream shows you how many calories the ice cream is per pint. For example, birthday cake (my favorite, currently) is 280 calories per pint. It’s also a great source of protein, with 24g in every pint. If you’re looking for an even lower calorie option, Arctic Zero is also a great low calorie option, and plenty of bigger ice cream brands such as Breyers and Edy’s have great low sugar options!


Bread Pudding (Image Source)

Bread pudding has always found its way to my family’s dessert table. Whether it’s extended family or friends, someone always manages to bring it, and it always gets gobbled up! If you see it as a necessity to your holiday festivities, then I have a great recipe for you. This blueberry lemon bread pudding recipe is not only healthy, but flavorful and made from wholesome ingredients. What’s great about this is that you can serve it up warm or cold and it’s bound to be a hit!

Even if you are trying to be more health conscious, I recommend letting yourself indulge a little bit if you can’t make  a healthy alternative. If you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, it’s important to allow yourself some room to indulge in some way, even if it’s not dessert. Remember, you’re here to celebrate with family and friends; it’s not all about the food. Focus on spending time with people and catching up with their lives. Plan a day out with your best friend, significant other, or parents. Enjoy the holidays for what they are: a time to reconnect, recharge, and have some fun!

Questions (from Taylor)

  1. What is your favorite dessert? 
  2. Do you have a dessert you like to make healthier?
  3. Any favorite dessert recipes you want to share? 

8 thoughts on “Healthy Yet Tempting Desserts For Holiday Parties a Guest Post By Rachel Stires

  1. oooh these are awesome ideas!!

    One dessert that I love that is a bit more nutritious is chocolate banana ice cream! I love adding in cocoa power or sometimes peanut butter. It’s so easy too- who woulda thought that just blending frozen bananas and almond milk could taste so good!


  2. I can’t choose a favorite dessert because I am a total dessert and sweets junkie, it’s a borderline issue. I like making healthier muffins, brownies and mug cakes. However, when I want a real dessert, I can’t sub out any of the good stuff (like butter or sugar) because that takes all the fun away!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness thank you for sharing all of these! I am drooling. Someone get this girl a napkin, please. But for real I am so very excited to try these out for the holidays- especially that apple pie one! And Halo Top is pretty much a dream come true. What is your favorite flavor?


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