Friday Favorites

Woop!  It’s Friday!!  Who else is ready for the weekend?  Technically it is already my weekend since I don’t have to work today, but I have lots to do today so it doesn’t quite feel like the weekend yet.  I am looking forward to hopefully one last boat day for the year this weekend and hanging out with some friends Saturday.  It is nice to not have to travel this weekend so I am soaking up my time at home.  

I just have a lot of random thoughts in my head at the moment that I need to tell you guys so this post is going to be a bit all over the place. 🙂 

  1.  It is finally starting to feel like fall in Dallas.  I had to wear a jacket to the gym this morning.  We even slept with the windows open last night!
  2. You guys, I did it again.  I overcommitted with my dog sitting acceptances.  There are a total of 6 dogs in my house right now.  It is an absolutey zoo.  My dogs are terrified. 🙂


But I kinda love it at the same time. 🙂


3. I’m obsessed with candles right now.  I have been lighting them in the evening and something about it is just so peaceful.  

4. I have a really fun guest post coming to ya next week.  🙂

5. My husband and I love to play cards at night.  Our favorite game is rummy.  Do you guys know any other 2 person cards games besides 21, war, or go fish? 🙂

6. I pulled out my spiralizer this week and made a beautiful and delicious creation.  Recipe will be on the blog next week!


7. I love modern art.  I had to work downtown yesterday and this piece was in the office.  I wish I was that talented!


8.  Do you guys have a fitbit or step tracker?  Every week I join a work week step competition with a handful of girls and it is so fun seeing who gets the most steps.  My mom recently joined it and she calls me regularly to tell me what place she is in.  🙂  

9.  I am so ready for this election to be over.  Enough said.  

10. I have a really good recipe for butternut squash soup that is delicious and healthy.  Want me to share it soon?

11. Even though I am starting to crave soup as the colder weather approaches, I still love my salads.  With all the fixings!


12. I had this salad for lunch the other day and I can’t stop thinking about it.  I am not a huge cheese fan, but goat cheese makes everything taste better.  



  1. Favorite soup?
  2. Favorite kitchen appliance?
  3. Favorite card game?

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love love love reading your posts. You had your hands full with those dogs! OH MY! I can’t wait to see the spiralizer recipe and YES please post the butternut squash one too. That salad looks so delicious!!! Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂


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