Healthy-ish Tofu/Chicken Thai Green Curry

Well we made it to the halfway point.  I finally got a decent amount of sleep last night so even after an early morning Body Pump class today, I am feeling pretty great!  I never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.  

You guys probably remember me mentioning me and my husband’s love of curry a time or two. 🙂  Well the obsession is real and it just keeps on growing, but we try to limit dining out to once a week when we aren’t traveling.  Especially after all the time away from home recently, my desire to go out to eat has been less and less.  The good thing is that I have been saving money and spending lots of time in the kitchen crafting up new recipes and ideas.  

Over the years, I have tried quite a few curry recipes with tons of ingredients hoping to find “the one” that gets the stamp of approval.  With no success, we usually just end up ordering out when we are in the mood for curry…. until recently.  I came across a recipe for chicken green curry on Ashy Bines youtube channel and decided to try it.  In true Taylor fashion, I changed a few things to make it my own.  

Not only is this recipe absolutely delicious, it is full of nutrients and only ingredients that you can indeed pronounce.  It is very adaptable to your preferences (types of veggies & protein), which is why I made two batches – one for my husband and one for me.  Like any good thai food, this recipe just gets better and better, which makes it perfect for leftovers throughout the week.  I hope you give it a go!

Thai Green Curry 

For reference, I doubled this recipe and made one batch with chicken and one with tofu.  This recipe makes about 5-6 servings (depending on hunger level). 🙂


2 chicken breasts (or one package of tofu)

1 can coconut milk (full fat)

1-2 TBL thai green curry paste (depending on how spicy you want it) 

1-2 tsp vegetarian (or chicken) bouillon paste (or cubes)

2 cups brown rice (uncooked)

1 zucchini chopped 

1 red pepper chopped 

3 carrots chopped 

1 cup mushrooms chopped 

 1 cup broccoli chopped 

1/2 onion chopped 

1 avocado (optional)


The hardest part of this recipe is chopping the veggies.  If you don’t have time, just buy them pre-chopped.  But if you are like me and actually enjoy chopping veggies, get chopping!


Chop chicken breasts (or tofu) into big cubes and place in saute pan with onion.  No, you do not need any fat (butter or oil).  Add thai green curry paste to pan and coat chicken (or tofu) and onion and cook about 5-6 minutes until the chicken is almost cooked through.  


My husband prefers the chicken to be shredded so at this point, shred the chicken or leave it cubed if you prefer.  In a separate pot (on medium) add the can of coconut milk.


Next add all the veggies and bouillon paste to the coconut milk. Stir. 


Once everything is incorporated, it should look like this.  


Add chicken (or tofu) – onion mixture to the coconut milk – veggie mixture and continue to cook on medium for about 15 minutes. 

Tofu variation:


Chicken variation:


While the mixture cooks, take this time to cook your rice.  I was lazy and used instant, but if you have the time, use the rice cooker.  

Serve the mixture on top of a bed of brown rice with chopped avocado on top!  (In my opinion, everything tastes better with avocado).  Enjoy!!


*Note: the spice level is mild-medium, but if you prefer less or more spicy, adjust the amount of thai green curry paste to fit your preferences.  

This meal is on the weekly rotation in our house and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


  1. Do you like curry?
  2. Tell me a meal that you have weekly at home.
  3. What is your favorite take-out meal?

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