Weekend Recap 10.17.16.. Coors Tour, Dinner in Golden, Concert at Red Rocks

Happy Monday!  Where does the time go?  I can’t believe another weekend is coming to an end and another work week is beginning.  As much as I love the weekends, I am always grateful when Monday morning rolls around and I can get back into a routine.  I am one that really craves routine and I like being on a schedule most of the time.  

So when I left you guys last week, My husband and I were about to leave Denver to head to our home for the weekend in Breckenridge, but we made a few fun stops along the way.  On Friday afternoon, we picked up our rental car and headed towards Golden, Colorado, which is between Denver and Breckenridge.  We had some time to kill before dinner so we decided to take the free tour of the Coors Brewery.


I’m not a beer fan and never have been, but the tour was pretty neat.  We learned a ton of cool facts about Coors and learned that the company is known for a whole lot more than just beer.  They are very big on recycling and giving back to the community.  

Each of these kettles holds 200,000 (12 ounce) bottles of beer! 



Coors is very proud of their quality control system and wants to make sure every single beer is perfect.  The three enemies of beer are: age (unlike wine that gets better with time), light, and heat.  





 And the best part of the tour = free beer at the end! (My husband got mine too :)).  

This is what he does every time I ask for a picture… Can any of the girls out there relate? 🙂


After the tour, we headed to dinner at Indulge Bistro and Wine Bar.


We got the mussels to split for an appetizer!  Sooo good.


My husband got pizza for dinner.

And I got this salad.  One of the best salads I have ever had.  


After dinner we walked around the town for a bit and stopped to grab a coffee and some chocolate before leaving.  

I just can’t get enough of the mountains.  Fun fact:  My husband and I lived in Salt Lake City, UT for 2 years and we went up to Park City to ski or hike in the mountains a few times each month.  


Next stop: Red Rocks!  Red Rocks is a concert venue in the middle of the mountains!  It is by far the coolest place I have ever been for a concert.   We absolutely love country music so when we found out Brantley Gilbert was playing Friday night, we hopped right on it.  I will say however that I was definitely not aware of how rock/edgy he is as an artist.  We still had a blast.  You have to climb soo many stairs to get to your seats.  



He asked the audience to hold up their phones and it was pretty amazing.  


The amphitheatre also looks out over all of Denver.  Such a fun setting.  


After a few hours of music, we hit the road for Breckenridge.  We arrived around midnight and as soon and our heads hit the pillows we were out.  I will continue my recap tomorrow as this post is getting longggg! 


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Favorite concert venue?
  3. What type of music do you like? 

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 10.17.16.. Coors Tour, Dinner in Golden, Concert at Red Rocks

  1. I am drooooooling. FRENCH FRIES ON MUSSELS! Yes, please. And that salad too. UGH it is making me all kindsa hungry. And I am so with you on the routine. I do like Monday for that reason and it always feels like a fresh start to tackle whatever is on the big list. That concert looked like such a blast (well this whole trip did). Thanks for sharing this with us!

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