Hi From Denver, Colorado!

Hi friends!  How is your week going?  I originally typed out “Happy Wednesday” to start this post off, but thankfully realized it is now Thursday.  With the amount of traveling I have been doing and the lack of sleep I have been getting (thanks to a cough that is sticking around), I have no idea what day it is.  

Yesterday my husband and I woke up super early to catch a flight to Denver.  My husband travels to Colorado occasionally for work and he asked if I would join him this time.  Hey, you don’t have to ask me twice! 🙂 After we landed, he was off to work and I headed to the hotel downtown to check in.  I had lots of blogging plans, shopping plans, and gym plans yesterday, but as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out for over 4 hours.  Guess I needed some sleep. 😉 I eventually did make it down to the hotel gym for 45 minutes of walking on the treadmill.  I am in a weekly step challenge through fitbit so I try to get moving as much as I can.  

After a quick shower, my husband and I headed out to walk to a nearby Indian restaurant for dinner.  We ended up at a place called Little India.


And if you can’t tell by my outfit, it was freezing in Denver yesterday… in the 40s!  And for this Dallas girl, that is quite chilly!  Thankfully today it is supposed to get to the 70s!

 My husband got the Chicken Tikka Masala and I got the Vegetable Biryani.  My husband liked his, but I loved mine.  Warm food on a cold night = the best!


After dinner we headed back to the hotel to catch our new favorite show, Designated Survivor.  Are any of you guys watching this??  We really like it so far!  I am off to the gym for a bit, but I will see you all soon!  

PS. We have some plans here for the weekend, but would love some more input on restaurants/bars/things to do in the Denver area.  We are also headed to Breckenridge for the weekend to explore so any tips there would be great too! 


  1. Have you ever been to Denver/Breckenridge?  Favorite spots?
  2. Do you like Indian food?  Favorite dish?
  3. Favorite show you are currently watching?

2 thoughts on “Hi From Denver, Colorado!

  1. Sounds like a fun time!!!! I can’t imagine how cold 40 degrees would feel if you were from Dallas. My parents live in Dallas and those summers—wooooo-eeee. Anyway- I am particularly drooling over that Indian food. I have always loved Indian food, but after going to India last May I have a new love for it. I love paneer based dishes (it’s a cheese), idli which is a breakfast type rice cake with chutney, and bhurtha (eggplant) based dishes. I could talk all day about Indian food- truly the BEST. Also- I most definitely have to watch Designated Survivor now. One of my friends mentioned it to me and now seeing that you guys like it, I’m making the hubby sit with my this weekend to watch! Currently I am watching back through How to Get Away with Murder, Married at First Sight (kinda embarrassed about that one), Greys Anatomy, and Chicago Med! Have a wonderful weekend- can’t wait to hear about your adventures!


    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Mack! Yes, 40 was so cold compared to how hot it has been in Dallas. I am SO jealous that you went to India! My husband would eat Indian food every day for every meal if he could. 🙂 Yes, check out Designated Survivor… I think it is pretty good so far. I am also obsessed with How to Get Away With Murder!! ahh I look forward to it every week! Have a great weekend!!!

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