Weekend Recap 9.29.16… The Bent Wedding Part 1

Hi guys!!  Happy Thursday to you all!  So sorry for going all MIA on you this week, but it has been crazy.  We got back from PA on Sunday night flew out on the first flight Monday morning to St. Louis and now we are in Iowa… I told you it has been a crazy week!  More on that to come, but first I have to tell you guys all about last weekend!

Early Friday morning, my sister and her boyfriend came to our house so we could all catch an uber to the airport for a flight to Newark.  We were heading to PA for my cousin Kate’s wedding.  You may remember her from my wedding posts… she was one of my bridesmaids last year.  My sister and I, along with 8 other girls, were bridesmaids in her wedding this past weekend.  

When we arrived at Newark, we met up with my two besties who were also in town for the wedding and we all piled in the car and made the hour drive to our bed and breakfast for the weekend.  On the drive there, we had a blast chatting and practicing our “rap” that we planned for the rehearsal dinner that night.  If you are lucky, I may just upload the video of us rapping to my youtube channel soon… maybe… 😉 

We stayed at the 1740s house for the weekend and it could not have been any cuter!  We were all greeted with little goodie bags from the bride and groom in our room as well.  

We found my mom and two of her siblings puzzling away in our room when we arrived… what can I say, our family loves to puzzle.  


My sister and I quickly got ready and headed to the church for the rehearsal before meeting everyone at the Black Bass Hotel for the rehearsal dinner.  


It is located right on the Delaware river so the views were stunning.  


We had a blast just chatting with family and friends and eating some yummy food.  My aunt made a really cute slideshow of the bride and groom so that was really fun to watch.  And then we rapped… 🙂 

I will be back tomorrow with more pictures of the wedding day!  Can’t wait to show you the beautiful vineyard setting. 🙂 


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Is it getting cold where you are?
  3.  Do you get nervous when speaking in public? 


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