Magnesium…What Does It Do?

This topic has been on my mind for quite some time.  Personally, I take a couple different vitamins and supplements each day and believe they provide a lot of value to my life and well-being.  I am in no way stating that YOU should be taking any of these; I am not a doctor, I am merely stating what works for me.  As always, you should consult your doctor before making any changes to your vitamin/supplement routine.

I would like to highlight different vitamins/supplements I take daily and explain why.  I am going to showcase just one in each post because I want to explain the benefits and reasons why I choose to take them.

Today’s post is all about Magnesium aka the super mineral.  Magnesium is essential for controlling blood pressure, heart rhythm, and keep our bones nice and strong!  Magnesium has been shown to help control blood sugar and inflammation while also regulating the nervous system.  See, I told you it was important. 🙂 

We are able to get magnesium through our food sources, but unfortunately most of us don’t get enough from food alone.  Spinach, beans, peas, and nuts are all great sources of magnesium.   

While I do eat food that contains magnesium daily, I have also recently started supplementing with a once-a-day pill.  I take it at night during my pre-bedtime routine.  A lot of people state that magnesium has a calming effect helping to relax the body and I agree.  It is definitely not a sleep-aid, but I have noticed that I am less restless throughout the night and I wake up feeling more energized.  I personally have noticed a lack of fatigue since starting supplementing my diet with Magnesium.  I am able to survive on less coffee and I don’t feel that urge for a nap around 3pm. 😉 

Magnesium can also help with digestion, which is an added benefit that I love.  Along with a high water intake, magnesium has made me feel a lot better overall.  It is kind of difficult to explain, but I certainly have noticed a difference in my sleep patterns and my energy in the last month while supplementing with Magnesium.  

I will be back soon to share more of my favorites with you!  As previously stated, this is just what I do; this does not mean this is right for you.  Always check with a doctor before making an changes to your diet/supplement routine.  


  1.  Do you take magnesium?
  2. Do you take any vitamins/minerals daily?
  3. How many hours of sleep do you get per night?

4 thoughts on “Magnesium…What Does It Do?

  1. Awesome idea for a series, I can’t wait to read more! I’m one of those people who gets weirdly tempted to buy ALL the supplements… though I try not to 🙂 I take Natural Calm, a dissolvable flavored magnesium supplement. I really just take it when I’m feeling anxious or stressed and it helps me calm the heck down. Though I know a lot of people take it before bed too!

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