The Bent Wedding Part 2

Happy Friday friends!!  I hope your week went well and you have so fun plans in store for the weekend!  We are currently visiting my brother-in-law in Iowa right now, but are headed home on a flight tonight.  I am pretty excited for a weekend at home before another out of town wedding next weekend! 

So back to last weekend… Saturday morning the party bus picked up all the girls and took us to the salon to get our hair and makeup done.  I always want to do an updo when I get my hair done, but I have so much hair that it never holds so I decided on the half up half down look with a braid.  I loved the way it turned out!  

My sister got an updo and it looked beautiful!

After a few hours at the salon, we were all ready to go get dressed!  The bride gave us all monogrammed shirts to wear white we were getting ready and cute flipflops.  


The bride with her beautiful veil. 


After we all got dressed, we headed to the church.  It was absolutely beautiful.  My sister had this cute geotag made for the bride and groom for the church and reception.  

And they are now husband and wife!!!


After the ceremony, the bridal party hopped back on the bus to drive around town and take some pictures before making our way to the reception venue! 


The reception was held at the stunning Sand Castle Winery.  It was breathtaking!


I just love all the details at a wedding.  

They provided maroon pashminas for everyone, which came in handy when it got a little chilly later in the evening. 


Me and Rachael.

Me and Lissa.

So happy these girlies came!  We had a great time dancing and chatting away. 


I didn’t get the memo… 


My sister, me, and my momma!


I’ll have to get a full length of the bride and her dress when the pictures come back because her dress was so beautiful!  We had such a great time and it is always to great to see family and friends for such a joyous event! 


  1. If you are married, how did you do your hair for your wedding?
  2. What type of dress did you wear?
  3. What is your favorite part of weddings?

Weekend Recap 9.29.16… The Bent Wedding Part 1

Hi guys!!  Happy Thursday to you all!  So sorry for going all MIA on you this week, but it has been crazy.  We got back from PA on Sunday night flew out on the first flight Monday morning to St. Louis and now we are in Iowa… I told you it has been a crazy week!  More on that to come, but first I have to tell you guys all about last weekend!

Early Friday morning, my sister and her boyfriend came to our house so we could all catch an uber to the airport for a flight to Newark.  We were heading to PA for my cousin Kate’s wedding.  You may remember her from my wedding posts… she was one of my bridesmaids last year.  My sister and I, along with 8 other girls, were bridesmaids in her wedding this past weekend.  

When we arrived at Newark, we met up with my two besties who were also in town for the wedding and we all piled in the car and made the hour drive to our bed and breakfast for the weekend.  On the drive there, we had a blast chatting and practicing our “rap” that we planned for the rehearsal dinner that night.  If you are lucky, I may just upload the video of us rapping to my youtube channel soon… maybe… 😉 

We stayed at the 1740s house for the weekend and it could not have been any cuter!  We were all greeted with little goodie bags from the bride and groom in our room as well.  

We found my mom and two of her siblings puzzling away in our room when we arrived… what can I say, our family loves to puzzle.  


My sister and I quickly got ready and headed to the church for the rehearsal before meeting everyone at the Black Bass Hotel for the rehearsal dinner.  


It is located right on the Delaware river so the views were stunning.  


We had a blast just chatting with family and friends and eating some yummy food.  My aunt made a really cute slideshow of the bride and groom so that was really fun to watch.  And then we rapped… 🙂 

I will be back tomorrow with more pictures of the wedding day!  Can’t wait to show you the beautiful vineyard setting. 🙂 


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Is it getting cold where you are?
  3.  Do you get nervous when speaking in public? 


Foodie Friday

Hey guys!! Happy Friday!!  I am off to the northeast today for my cousin’s wedding this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!! But, I couldn’t leave you without showing you some of my favorite eats from lately! 

I am so grateful for the downtime recently that allows me to spend lots of time in my kitchen.  I truly enjoy crafting up new recipes and taste-testing along the way.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a simple, hassle free meal at the end of a long day too.

Kale salads galore!  I just can’t get over the beauty of a dark green kale salad with chopped red cabbage.  The color combination is lovely while the texture is key!  I love lots of textures in a salad and both of these ingredients make the salad crunchy and super filling. 


Tuna.  I love tuna, canned or fresh.  Since I don’t eat meat, it is a great way for me to get protein into a meal and feel satisfied.  It has been on sale at my grocery store lately too so that is always a plus!  This piece was peppered on the edges, which gave it tons of flavor.  This large piece was under $10 and fed me and my husband for 2 meals each.  That is a pretty good deal if you ask me! I just simply grill it on my indoor grilling pan for about 2 minutes on each side and it is done!  


Stuffed acorn squash.  Now that it is fall (well, not quite in Dallas), I am loving squash, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes even more than usual.  I love cutting an acorn squash in half and roasting it in the oven, while preparing some quinoa and sauteing whatever veggies I have on hand.  I then layer the quinoa and veggies (you could top with cheese too) and top it with homemade guacamole (can’t get enough!).   


For a quick, healthy lunch lately I have been making lettuce wraps with ingredients I have in my fridge.  These had roasted tofu, beets, avocado, and corn.  Sooo good!



These ones had tofu, beets, avocado and quinoa for a little more staying power.  Did I mentioned I am obsessed with beets right now?  A little sea salt and I could eat them until my fingers were pink. 😉 


See, I told you I’m obsessed.  Homemade guacamole goes with everything too! 🙂 



  1. What food are you obsessed with right now?
  2. Do you like beets?
  3. Favorite fall vegetable? 

Magnesium…What Does It Do?

This topic has been on my mind for quite some time.  Personally, I take a couple different vitamins and supplements each day and believe they provide a lot of value to my life and well-being.  I am in no way stating that YOU should be taking any of these; I am not a doctor, I am merely stating what works for me.  As always, you should consult your doctor before making any changes to your vitamin/supplement routine.

I would like to highlight different vitamins/supplements I take daily and explain why.  I am going to showcase just one in each post because I want to explain the benefits and reasons why I choose to take them.

Today’s post is all about Magnesium aka the super mineral.  Magnesium is essential for controlling blood pressure, heart rhythm, and keep our bones nice and strong!  Magnesium has been shown to help control blood sugar and inflammation while also regulating the nervous system.  See, I told you it was important. 🙂 

We are able to get magnesium through our food sources, but unfortunately most of us don’t get enough from food alone.  Spinach, beans, peas, and nuts are all great sources of magnesium.   

While I do eat food that contains magnesium daily, I have also recently started supplementing with a once-a-day pill.  I take it at night during my pre-bedtime routine.  A lot of people state that magnesium has a calming effect helping to relax the body and I agree.  It is definitely not a sleep-aid, but I have noticed that I am less restless throughout the night and I wake up feeling more energized.  I personally have noticed a lack of fatigue since starting supplementing my diet with Magnesium.  I am able to survive on less coffee and I don’t feel that urge for a nap around 3pm. 😉 

Magnesium can also help with digestion, which is an added benefit that I love.  Along with a high water intake, magnesium has made me feel a lot better overall.  It is kind of difficult to explain, but I certainly have noticed a difference in my sleep patterns and my energy in the last month while supplementing with Magnesium.  

I will be back soon to share more of my favorites with you!  As previously stated, this is just what I do; this does not mean this is right for you.  Always check with a doctor before making an changes to your diet/supplement routine.  


  1.  Do you take magnesium?
  2. Do you take any vitamins/minerals daily?
  3. How many hours of sleep do you get per night?

Dinner at the Top of Dallas and My Favorite Place to Be

Hi friends! How is your week going?  This week has been pretty good over here as we have been getting ready for our upcoming travels and somehow I ended up with a million appointments this week, but hey, I will be happy once Friday comes! 

Last night I was going through my pictures and I know I recently mentioned that my husband and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary, but I forgot to show you pictures from our celebration.  My husband just told me to be ready by 6, but that it was a surprise where we were going.  He even made sure to keep the destination a secret with our Uber driver.  

Once we turned into the parking lot of Reunion Tower, I knew we were going to Wolfgang Puck’s Asian inspired restaurant Five Sixty located 50 stories up on the top of the rotating tower.  I snapped this picture of the tower a few days ago.  The view from below…


The view from up top… 


The restaurant rotates 360 degrees in one hour so throughout our meal, we got to see views of the whole city, which was pretty neat!

We ordered a rainbow roll to split and my husband couldn’t resist the dumplings.  

I got the scallops for my entree and they were incredible!  My husband got some type of fish, but I’ll spare you the picture since it came with the head! 🙂  The food was amazing!


When we were back in Indiana two weekends ago, my in-laws pulled the top layer of our wedding cake out of the freezer and sent us home with it.  My husband has been having a piece for dessert for the last week… 


You guys probably know by now that my doggies and spending time on our boat are two of my favorite things.  Well, probably needless to say, but my husband has the same love for both as well.  When we first met 7 and a half years ago, doggies and boating/lake time were the two things that instantly connected us and and have kept us connected ever since.  I mean, I can understand (kind of) that some people don’t love water, but if you don’t love dogs, I’m not sure we can be friends. 😉 

We have been soaking up a lot of lake time (our doggies included… they love the boat) this summer as we aren’t sure how much more time we will have in Dallas (my husband’s work moves us every couple of years).  


We spent Monday evening on the lake and it was so nice.  The water is so refreshing right now and the weather is getting a tiny bit cooler (think 95 instead of 102 ;)).  My husband has been wakeboarding as much as possible and I just love cuddling with my pups in the sunshine.  We are so blessed.  


Have a great day! 


  1. Favorite animal?
  2. Are you a dessert person?
  3. What will you miss the most about summer?

Fall Favorites

Fall is my favorite season.  Although, fall in Dallas is quite different than fall in the Midwest, I still enjoy the typical fall traditions.  Today I wanted to share my favorite things about Fall and then I want to hear yours in the comments!

1.Colors.  I used to not be a huge fan of fall colors, but overtime, I have grown to love them.  I love the orange, red, yellow, and gold that fall brings.img_2806

2. Leaves.  Along with the fall colors, I just love when the leaves fall.  They are nowhere near falling here in Dallas, but hopefully soon!img_2810

3. The weather.  Like I stated before, fall in Dallas is the the typical fall.  Fall in Dallas can come rather late and as of right now, we are still experiencing temperatures in the high 90s-100s.  I can’t wait for the brisk fall morning walks with my pups.img_2808

4. Pumpkin spice lattes.  Need I say more?img_2816

5. Fall decorations.  This past weekend I brought out my fall decorations and picked some more up at Home Goods and Target.  My favorites are shown throughout this post.img_2807

6. Pumpkin carving.  I love to have pumpkin carving contests and I love roasting the seeds.  I always make some sweet and some salty.img_2818

7. Halloween.  I don’t really love dressing up (more like I don’t love trying to figure out what to wear), but I love putting my pups in costumes.  They love it, I swear. 😉

8. The beginning of the holidays.  I love Fall because I know the holidays are right around the corner and for me that means lots of downtime with family and friends.  img_2817

9. Warm food.  I love soups, chili (sweet potato), and oatmeal in the fall.  



  1. What are your favorite fall foods?
  2. What are some of your fall traditions?
  3. Do you have cool fall weather where you are?


Weekend Recap 9.19.16 Night Boat Cruise, Boulevarding, and Sushi

Good morning!  Monday is here again… it always seems to sneak up on us, but I will say that I feel well rested and ready to tackle this week.  I hope it goes by quickly because there is another wedding on the horizon for us. 

Our weekend started with a little date night on Thursday night.  My husband and I had a late afternoon appointment so we decided to take advantage of the fact that we were already out and stop by a a new-to-us restaurant called Capitol Pub for a drink. I got a glass of champagne and my husband tried a draft beer.  He couldn’t resist the happy hour 1/2 priced pizza either. 😉 

Friday evening we decided to hit the lake for a night cruise with a few of our friends.  The boys took turns wakeboarding and skiing and then we just drove around for a bit.  It was a beautiful night. 


After a Saturday morning workout (tennis for my husband), we got cleaned up and headed to meet up with my sister, her boyfriend, and their friends.  We met them at Katy Trail Ice House for a quick drink before heading to SMU to the Boulevard.  College students and alumni gather on the long boulevard at the SMU campus before the football games and enjoy drinks, food, and good conversation.  It was a blast!  


After handing out for a couple hours, we all headed to Sushi Axiom for some dinner.  My husband ordered this grapefruit/champagne martini for us to split.   It was pretty delicious. 


I got a seaweed salad to start followed by some spicy edamame and my husband and I each ordered a couple rolls.  They were soo good!  We finished them all.  

Sunday I headed off to church while my sister and husband headed to SMU to attend the celebrity tennis tournament.  They are both really into tennis so it was fun for them to see celebrities like Ben Stiller play tennis.  

After church I ran a couple errands at Home Goods and Target before returning home to walk the pups, complete some house work, and catch up on the new series about JonBenet Ramsey.  Are you guys watching this?  It is pretty crazy.  We watched this sweet boy, Bailey all weekend and we are so sad to see him go.  He is so sweet and well-behaved.


That is all I have for today.  I hope you all had a great weekend and your week is off to a good start! 


  1. What is your favorite sushi roll?
  2. Are you watching the new JonBenet Ramsey show?
  3. What was the highlight of your weekend?

Last Wedding Recap, I Promise :) The Reception


Happy Friday!! We made it!  Do you guys have lots of fun plans for the weekend?  We have a couple plans, but nothing crazy so I am hoping to get in lots of walks with the pups and some boat time too!  

So today is the last of my wedding recaps… I saved the best for last! 😉 

Since we had our ceremony at my in-laws’ house, we decided a downtown reception would be perfect! We had shuttles bus our guests from the different locations.  Our reception took place at the Skyline Club in downtown Indianapolis.  It has tons of windows with a beautiful view of the skyline at night and it was just big enough for our guests, but not too big where the guests are too spread out.  


My two siblings being introduced. Such cuties. 


We went straight to cutting the cake after we were introduced so we didn’t have to stop the party later to do it.  I wanted a very simple, elegant cake and my husband and mom chose all the flavors. 🙂  The two champagne glasses below were the ones my in-laws used at their wedding so it was pretty special that we got to use them too.  


We went straight into the speeches and eating.  We chose to do a buffet because I didn’t want the usual plated dinner.  We had tons of options and the food was really delicious!

My dad and brother gave sweet speeches and my sister (the maid of honor) and Jon’s brother (best man) gave beautiful speeches too. 

Next were the traditional dances.  Jon and I chose Brett Eldredge’s song “Mean to Me” for our first dance.  We both loved it when we first heard it and knew it was the one.  


My dad and I danced to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland.  It was such a special moment and I may have shed a few tears. 😉

Jon’s mom is a huge Beetles fan so their first dance was a Beetles song. 🙂


Jon and I share a huge love of live music so when we got engaged one of the first things we decided on was that we were going to have a band instead of a dj.  The band made our night so fun and the dance floor was full all night!

The had us singing all night.




And some more singing… 🙂




We did the traditional bouquet toss.


Us with my husband’s high school friends. 



All of my dad’s friends from law school joined and his friend from work.  So fun!


The neighborhood girls. 🙂 


We had such a blast at our reception and are so thankful for all our friends and family that traveled so far to be with us on our special day.  One year down 100 more to go. 🙂

Thanks for all the love on my wedding recaps, it was so fun reminiscing this special day.  I hope you all have the best weekend!! 


  1. Do you like to dance?
  2. Can you sing?
  3. If you are married, what was your first dance song?


Wedding Recap…Post Ceremony Cocktail Hour, Bridal Party Pics, and Trolley Ride Around Indy

Happy Thursday yall!  I’ve been busy organizing my wedding photos all week… only a year later… yeah, it is about time. 😉 

Today I wanted to show you some pictures post-ceremony when we had a cocktail hour at my in-laws followed by lots of pictures and a grand exit to the fun trolley ride with our friends.  

Me and my sweet girls.


Love them to pieces! 


The groom and his men.


The whole gang.


After our ceremony, we had a cocktail hour at my in-laws barn while we took pictures.  

Both of our families.


My dad and father-in-law both made short, sweet speeches.


My dad is probably telling Jon here, “She is yours now, you can’t give her back.” 😉 



This sweet couple drove from Nashville to be at our wedding.  They are in their 90s.  They are the sweetest.


A few more pictures from the house.







My in-law’s friend offered to drive us away in his Bentley.  We happily said yes!!




One of my favorite parts of the day was riding around Indy with our bridal party and taking pictures and sipping champagne. We had a blast!




My husband insisted we stop by the Colts stadium to get a picture…


Please don’t drop me! 🙂


The handsome boys!


The girlies downtown.


One last kiss and we were off to the reception! 


I’ll save the reception for the next post!  If you made it to this point, I am proud of you! 😉 

Such a special day with our favorite people!


  1. If you are married, what were your wedding colors?
  2. How big was your bridal party? 
  3. What would you change if you could do it all again?


Weekend Recap 9.13.16 Indianapolis, golf, Cincinnati wedding and friends

Hi friends!! Thank you for all the love yesterday!  We had a lovely dinner out last night followed by an early bedtime… we are crazy, I know. 😉 

Today I am going to recap our long weekend back in the midwest!  Last Wednesday we flew into Indianapolis and got to spend time catching up with my in-laws over dinner at home.  Thursday morning we went out to breakfast at Cafe Patachou with my in-laws before heading to the BMW Championships golf tournament.  My husband loves golf and his parents offered us their tickets in a suite for the day so we happily accepted.


The weather wasn’t the best, but we had fun watching a little bit of golf and meeting some people in the suite.  

 I much prefer to watch golf from one place rather than follow a few players around.  


After a few hours at the golf tournament, we hopped in the car and headed to Cincinnati.  Our first stop was my aunt and uncle’s house to say hi.  We used to live less than a mile from them in Cincinnati. 


We just had to stop by our old house when we were there.  It is such a weird feeling going back to a house that we have so many memories in and was truly our first house together. 


Later that night we met up with some friends of ours for sushi at Cloud Nine.  It was just as good as we remembered! These friends actually got engaged the following day so that was super exciting!!! 


After dinner we were able to grab a quick drink with our friends, Luke and Mary, who actually just visited us last weekend in Dallas!!  We spent the evening begging them to come back to Dallas soon. 🙂

Friday morning my husband had to work for a while so I headed off to lunch with one of my best girlfriend’s at Sleepy Bee Cafe.  


We had the best time reminiscing and catching up over delicious food and lots of coffee!!  I really love the opportunities and adventures that come with moving often, but it sure does make me miss my friends.  


Friday night we headed to the rehearsal dinner at The Art of Entertaining.  


The atmosphere is so neat with wine everywhere and we had the most delicious food.  The starter salad was to die for. 

The place had the cutest knickknacks all around and I snapped a few pictures of the funny sayings about wine. 🙂

 After lots of chatting and eating, we headed out and went straight to bed.  We were exhausted.  


Saturday morning I had some free time while my husband was eating breakfast with the groomsmen so I headed out to an old favorite running path of mine for a 5 mile run.  It was as beautiful and as hard as I remembered. 😉


After a quick shower, I headed off to lunch with one of my girlfriends and her fiance and baby!!  We went to an old favorite restaurant of mine, Tellers.  We had so much fun catching up and I just loved getting to meet her sweet little one.  Look at those chunky little legs… ahh the cutest!!


After lunch I headed off to get ready for the wedding!  I arrived early to see my handsome groomsman.  


Then I went and found a seat!  The wedding was at the Hilton Netherland Plaza in the Hall of Mirrors.  It was absolutely stunning. 


After the beautiful ceremony, we headed to the cocktail hour while they transformed the room to the reception.  It was amazing what they did in one hour!



I got the halibut and it was delish!!!   


We spent the rest of the night dancing away!  It was so much fun!


Us with the newlyweds!! Congrats to our great friends, Rachel and David!


The next morning we headed to Taste of Belgium with some of our good friends that also have a new baby that we hadn’t met yet.  We talked and talked and talked until it was time to head back to Indy for our evening flight.  


This little boy was so well behaved!  Such a doll and always great to see our sweet friends!


This was one of the best weekends as we got to see two of our great friends tie the knot and we got to catch up with all of our Cincy friends that we have missed so dearly since moving to Dallas.  Good friends are hard to come by so it was so important to us to make sure we saw as many as possible.  

Have a great day!


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. What is your favorite wedding cake flavor?
  3. Do you have a favorite running path?