Things Making Me Happy This Week

Happy Thursday, ya’ll!  I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday!  Looking forward to a date night with my hubby and a little more family time on Saturday.  My dad and brother leave today and I am a little sad.  We had such a fun week full of activities and relaxation.  It was a blast!  

I am the type of person that definitely appreciates the small things in life.  I love a hand-written note, someone holding the door for me, a little compliment or even a “thank you.”  I am very detail-oriented and I always notice small acts of kindness.  Today I wanted to share 10 small things that have recently made me really happy.  

  1. Family time.  Family is the most important thing to me.  I have a really great support system around me and I am so lucky for that.  
  2. Reading.  This year I promised myself to make reading a bigger part of my life and I can say that I certainly have kept this promise to myself.  I think reading helps me see situations through different lenses, learn new words, and broaden my horizon.  Last night my brother read to me for his nightly reading.  He is the cutest. 


3.The cooler temperatures in Dallas this week.  Yes, it has been super cloudy and rainy, but I am so thankful for the weather that has been in the high 70s to low 80s all week.  It has been really really nice. 

4. Sleep.  I have been really trying to prioritize my sleep lately and it is really making a difference.  I feel so much better during the day and notice I am a lot less cranky too. 

5. The unconditional love of a dog.  You guys already know I am obsessed with all dogs, but this one will always make my list.  I just love dogs because they forgive easily and love unconditionally no matter what.  They don’t dwell on anything and they aim to please at all times.  My dogs are by no means angels, but I can’t stay mad at them long.  🙂 

6. Laughter.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Whether it is with friends, family, a good book or your favorite TV show, laughing should be part of every day.  Last night we played Apples to Apples and had a lot of laughs! 🙂 

7. Clean sheets.  There is no better feeling than getting into a freshly made bed with warm sheets! 

8. The ability to run.  I am so grateful that even with my back/neck issues I am still able to exercise daily.  When I am moody, my husband often asks if I have exercised today.  Even he knows how much I need it.  Exercise is much more important for my mental state than my physical state.  

9. Diet coke.  I am not a regular soda drinker and haven’t been for years, but every once in a while, I crave a cold diet coke.  I had one earlier this week and gosh was it good!

10.  Four weddings in the next couple months!  It is always nice to have something to look forward to.  I am really excited for our friends and family that are joining the married life and so excited that we get to witness it! 

That’s all I’ve got for today!! Have a great Thursday and I will see you tomorrow!


  1. What is one small thing that is currently making you happy?
  2. Are you a soda drinker?
  3. Do you like to read?  What are you currently reading?

2 thoughts on “Things Making Me Happy This Week

  1. Ive been trying to read more this year too–i love ending the day with reading! Im currently reading Crazy Rich Asians. I dont like soda but i like seltzer! Today Im thankful for encouraging texts from my husband on a crappy day at work!


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