Kate’s Bachelorette Party in Dallas Part 3

Hi guys!! Happy Wednesday!  I hope your week is moving along nicely.  I am still trying to get back into work mode after a month of constant vacations/parties.  I am looking forward to not having much on the agenda this weekend.  

Today I am wrapping up one of my favorite weekends ever!  My cousin had her bachelorette party at my house a couple weekends ago and we had the best time.  On Saturday morning we had plans for brunch at a local favorite called Saint Ann’s.  The drinks and food were amazing and the company was even better! 


After brunch we headed home to change for a boat day on the lake!  We spent a few hours making new friends and tubing in the sunshine.  It was so much fun! 

Around dinnertime, we headed home for some more fun on the roof and a casual dinner at home. 



We had plans to go out on Saturday, but we were all pretty tired so we decided to call it a night and get some sleep.  We woke up on Sunday feeling well-rested and refreshed and ready for a day of relaxation.  We had one last surprise for the bride-to-be.  We organized for a mobile spa to come to my house and give mini facials to each girl.  We were all in heaven! 


Our last game of the weekend was cake decorating.  My mom made these little cakes for us and bought tons of decorations for us to use.  We split up into three groups of two to play the game.  The bride was the judge!  My team won (left picture below)!!! I can only show you two of the cakes because the 3rd place team made theirs too inappropriate for the blog. 😉

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning and getting the girls all packed up to go home.  The bride’s mom sent so many gifts throughout the weekend for all of the girls, which made for so many fun surprises.  Girlie weekends are the best especially when celebrating your last single days!  Kate, we all love you and hope you had the best weekend ever! 

I am off to keep catching up on life before a long massage this afternoon!!!  I will see you all tomorrow!  Have a great day!


  1. Do you prefer brunch or dinner?
  2. What is one chore your put off for as long as you can?
  3. How often do you get to hang out with your close friends? 

One thought on “Kate’s Bachelorette Party in Dallas Part 3

  1. So fun–I’ve always wanted to do a mobile spa! What a great idea! I love brunch so much not quite sure why but its the best! I put off laundry because we have to pay to do our laundry and its expensive and we have to lug it to the basement…gross!


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