Kate’s Bachelorette Party in Dallas Part 2

Happy Tuesday, yall!  I thought I would have had time to check in from Georgia over the weekend, but once again, life got in the way.  I am trying to spend less time in front of the screen and more time enjoying life, but I always love when I get to chat with you guys too.  Today I want to continue recapping my cousin’s bachelorette party in Dallas before I get to my most recent trip to Georgia with great friends!

So let’s see…Friday morning was an early one with a surprise visit to Kendra Scott (jewelry store) for the bride to pick out some new jewelry.  Kendra Scott is known for their inexpensive jewelry and color parties.  All the girls who wanted to got to pick out a setting (ring, bracelet, necklace, etc.) and choose their stone to complete their piece.  I ended up getting a new ring and I love it, but forgot to take a picture! 


After some jewelry shopping, my sister and I headed to her apartment nearby to set up for brunch and a pool party. We got all the girls monogrammed hats and some sunglasses for the party.  My sister found these adorable flamingo floats and drink holders so our theme was flamingos! 


#lastdipbeforethewhip #letsflamingle

We had an absolute blast eating, sipping mimosas, floating around, dancing, and laughing all day long.  We also had a lingerie party and a panty poem where the bride got new panties for all of her upcoming milestones.  It was so fun! 


We had the pool to ourselves for almost the entire day which was amazing, but luckily we caught someone passing through to snap a picture of us and our hats!!


After the pool party, we all surprised the bride with an appointment at Dry Bar to get her hair blown out for the night.  The rest of us headed home to get ready for the evening festivities.


Our plans started off with dinner at HG Supply Co where we quickly snapped a picture on the roof that overlooks downtown! 


Such a fun group of girls!


Always have to have a silly pic or two!


I got the usual for dinner.  And it was just as good as it always is!


After dinner we headed back to my house for a bit for what turned into an impromptu girls dancing session and some more pictures! 


We went to the bars for a couple hours for some dancing before calling it a night! I will wrap up this post here as it could get rather lengthy if I finish up my recap in one post!  I will be back tomorrow to wrap up the rest of this amazing weekend in Dallas! Have a great day!!


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Are you guys ready for fall yet?
  3. Any trips coming up for you? 





3 thoughts on “Kate’s Bachelorette Party in Dallas Part 2

  1. So fun! I actually thought the picture of you all with the hats was personalized bundt cakes at first glance. hahahaha guess im hungry??
    Beautiful group of ladies–looks like so much fun!!


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