Amber’s Bachelorette Bash in Nashville

Hi ya’ll!!  Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, but I have been so busy getting ready for my cousin’s bachelorette party that is taking place at my house in Dallas this weekend! I probably won’t have time to post until early next week as we have a LOT planned for this long weekend, but I may pop in sometime!  Before the next bachelorette party begins, let’s back up to last weekend’s bachelorette party in Nashville for one of my best college girlfriend’s, Amber.  Amber and I were roommates freshman year of college (Miami University in Ohio) and have been friends ever since.  Fun fact: One of our other freshman year roommate’s (it was 4 of us together in a quad room in the dorm), Katie, is Amber’s maid of honor!  I am so glad we have all kept in touch over the years as it is so fun to see our friendships go from college students, to working adults, to marriage, etc.  Another fun fact: Nashville is now the number one spot for bachelorette parties!  At one point in the weekend, a band leader asked all the brides-to-be to come up on stage and there were about 15… in ONE out of the MANY bars in on Broadway.  Too fun! 

Late Friday afternoon my dad dropped me off downtown at the hotel to meet up with all the girls!  We had plans to do the Pedal Tavern bike at 6pm.  I am so glad we did it late in the day as it was hot!  We brought our wine and beer and pedaled along while the tour guides blasted country music and we waved to everyone.  It was a blast!!!  We had a couple stops at local bars along the way too.  There are SO many different bike companies in Nashville so it was so fun to wave to all the other peddlers along the way.  We even saw one a truck that was painted like a John Deer tractor and had people drinking and singing in the back.  Nashville is a crazy town these days, but in a fun way!  At every red light, our tour guides would say “red light cheers!!!” and we would cheers and take a sip.  The only problem was that we moved so slowly that we cheers at every red light about 3 times! 🙂 

The maid of honor got us all tank tops that said “Last Call for Miss Yaw” (the bride-to-be’s last name is Yaw).  


The first bar we stopped at was known for their moonshine shots and the second bar had a mechanical bull.  (I did not partake in either of those activities… you are welcome, mom.)  

We got a really late dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe before hitting the town!  

A few of the girls headed back to the hotel after dinner, but the bride and a few of us rallied and stayed out a bit longer.  Hey, you only have one bachelorette party so you have to make the most of it!  And I only see these girls a couple times a year so we weren’t about to waste our time sleeping. 😉 


Saturday morning we had a little bit of a slow start before grabbing breakfast at the hotel.  We walked around town for some coffee and a late lunch at The Slider House.  I had a salad and it was so good!

Saturday afternoon was spent playing games and getting dolled up with the girls.


We took the shuttle from our hotel, which was so convenient!


 We had plans for dinner at Prime 108 located inside of Union Station.  Love these sweet girls! 


We had the place to ourselves, which was so nice.  The food was delicious, but the company was better!

After dinner we ventured out for a second night of dancing and singing to all the live music on Broadway.  


My favorite thing about Nashville is that every bar has live music and the live music is amazing 95% of the time.  


And we completed a few dares too like Tori taking a picture with the cops. 🙂 They were SO nice!


And ofcourse, the bride and maid of honor couldn’t leave without giving Elvis a little kiss! 😉


Overall, it was such a fun weekend with some of my besties!!!  I am always so grateful for our friendships and that we have stayed in touch over the years.  Life is short so it’s important to make time for the ones you love! 🙂  Amber, thanks for inviting me to be part of this special weekend and I can’t wait for the wedding!! 


  1. If you are married, did you have a bachelorette/bachelor party?
  2. If you are not married, where would you go if you were to spend a weekend with your friends?
  3. Have you ever been in a wedding?


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