Happy 4th of July & Birthday to my Momma!

Happy 4th everyone!! I hope you are having a safe and fun holiday weekend!  I would just like to thank all of those who fight for us and our freedom every day.  We are so lucky to live in this country and I am certainly proud to be an American (love that song)!

Before I am off to tackle those Georgia hills with some sprints this morning, I had to stop in to wish my momma a happy birthday!! She is the most generous, thoughtful person you will ever meet.  She is always going the extra mile for her loved ones and spends Tuesday nights volunteering to help the less fortunate.  A role model is an understatement to what my momma truly exemplifies.

My momma has always been a mom to more than just my sister and I.  In high school, my friends confided in her about life, boys, drama, and more.  She was always there to listen.


When I was a nanny after college, she frequently came up (5 hours from Nashville) to help me.  She has that magic touch.


She is the best grandma to my puppies.  She always holds Riley like he is a little baby.

She always makes time for family reunions… even if they are in Timbuktu Ohio. 😉


She is our biggest supporter.


And our biggest cheerleader!


She attends every family event, near or far.


And goes above and beyond in everything she does to bring happiness to others.  (She loves a good girlie pajama party!!) 


She loves cookies for breakfast.


And saving a buck or two when she can ($1 off per gallon at Kroger).


Her favorite times are the holidays when we are all together. She starts shopping for Christmas gifts for us in January and is usually done by June. 🙂


She always puts family first and would do anything for us.  


Momma, we are so lucky to have you in our lives!  You are one amazing super mom!  We love you to the moon and back!! Thank you for all you do for us!  I hope your birthday is as wonderful and special as you are to us! xoxoxo


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