On the Go Again…

Hi guys!  How is going day going?  My husband and I had a long travel day to Boston today to visit some good friends for the weekend!  We are so excited to be here and explore the town a bit with our friends!  

This week was a little crazy cramming a lot into a few days before we left this morning so I will just show a few highlights from this week. 🙂 

My sister took this picture from last weekend when we were hanging on our roof.  Otis’ face just cracks me up! 


Just a couple snapchats I took the other day.  This is a regular occurrence at our house… me and all the dogs on our smaller couch and Jon gets the big couch all to himself… 

Have you guys tried this coconut milk ice cream from Trader Joes?  I loved it!  It is so creamy! 

Every day when I leave, I have to tell the pups I will be back soon before I go.  Does anyone else do this?  I always wonder if they actually know what I am saying… yeah, probably not. 


These are my pups at the vet before they realized they had to get their annual shots… their faces were not so happy after that.  They were literally pulling me out the door. 🙂 


But I took them to the dog park afterwards so they forgave me. 😉 


This is Otis on the ride home from the dog park.  He was exhausted.  He just runs and runs and runs at the park. 


I didn’t do any grocery shopping this week because of our trip to Boston so it was slim pickings in our kitchen yesterday.  For lunch I threw together tuna, avocado, hard boiled egg whites, onion, red wine vinegar, lime juice, spicy mustard, garlic powder, chili powder, paprika, salt and pepper.  It ended up being amazing!!! Love when that happens.  And ofcourse, I roasted a sweet potato on the side.  Can never go wrong with that! 


We are off to relax and spend time with our friends, but I will be sure to update you soon on our Boston adventures!!  Any recommendations while we are here?


  1. Boston recommendations? 
  2. Have you tried coconut milk ice cream? 
  3. Anyone looking forward to some fun weekend plans? 

Weekend Recap 6.14.16 Part 2

Hi! How are you all doing today?  I am doing really well especially since I have switched up my workout routine a bit.  On the days I work, I am usually up by 4:45am already so I have never bothered to wake up earlier to get in a workout.  I often just run after I get home (and after a couple hours of procrastination).  This has left me kinda dreading my runs because I am exhausted after such an early start to the day.  So last Friday I decided to run before work (hello, 4:00am alarm clock) and I loved it.  It was so nice to know that I had my afternoon and evening to myself to do whatever I wanted.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a morning exercise type of person, but more like a 6am class, not a 4am run.  Well I think I have begun to develop a new habit because I ran yesterday and today before work.  Yes, it is hard to pull myself out of bed at that hour, but I find my motivation in knowing I can relax/have more time to get things done after work.  I have a treadmill in my house so I just walk downstairs and get going (don’t worry, mom and dad, I will not run in the dark by myself). 😉 We will see if this habit sticks, but for now, I really am loving it.

Okay, now back to the rest of my weekend fun! 

Friday night after the surprise at the bar, we headed to another local bar, Knox Street Pub, for some music and dancing.  It was so much fun and we stayed up wayyyy too late, but it was so worth it! 

Saturday morning started with a quick run and a weight circuit before heading to Origin for a birthday brunch for my sister (we love to celebrate!) with her friends.  Ofcourse, we started with mimosas. 


I got the brussel sprout salad with salmon (I get this every time we eat here… it is just THAT good).  


The rest of Sunday was spent on our rooftop playing Cards Against Humanity and a few other card games.  It was a blast! 

We were watching these two pups this weekend and they both were obsessed with the same toy. 🙂 


Sunday was spent getting things done around the house.  I love starting my week with an organized and clean house (as clean as it can get with 6 dogs who shed….). 

Every time I would lay on the couch and put my feet up, this sweet pup would lick my toes.  I am so ticklish and couldn’t stop laughing.  I know you guys wanted to see this picture. 😉  


And her look alike, Jax, loved my husband.  When my husband would talk on the phone, he would literally just climb all over him until he paid her some attention.  


This guy found his new favorite spot to sit… on my shoulder.  Sometimes I am not sure if he is a cat, a bird, or a dog.  He sure is funny though.  🙂 


Sunday night was an early one for my 4am wake up call.  I will see you tomorrow before we are off on another long weekend adventure!  Have a great day!


  1. Are you a morning person?  Do you exercise before or after work?
  2. Do you like brunch? Or would you rather go out to dinner?
  3.  What is your favorite card game? 

Weekend Recap 6.13.16… Birthday Celebrations!

Good morning, guys! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I am a little tired this morning after an early morning workout and lots of celebrating for my sister’s birthday this weekend.  We take birthdays pretty seriously over here. 😉 

Fortunately, I took quite a few pictures this weekend so I will fill you guys in on our fun weekend! 

My sister’s boyfriend set up a surprise dinner and night out for my sister.  My husband and I showed up to their apartment (she didn’t know we were coming) with some champagne and flowers and toasted to the birthday girl before heading downtown to dinner.  We had reservations at Dallas Fish Market, definitely a special occasion kind of place, but certainly one of our favorites! 

We made sure to snap a few pictures before heading in so we didn’t forget! 🙂 I wore my white dress that I actually wore to our rehearsal dinner last year, with the same nude wedges I wore as well. 🙂 


Love these cuties! 


They always give you a little appetizer taste of whatever they are making that day and a glass of champagne to cheers!  Cheers to the birthday girl!! 

The entire menu looked so good and I really had a hard time choosing what to get.  We started with the ahi tuna and a sushi roll (can’t remember the name).  They were both amazing! 


I got the ahi tuna for me entree because I just can’t resist it when it is on the menu.  Those are mushrooms underneath… so so so good!  My sister got the swordfish and shared a few bites with me and it was probably the best swordfish I have ever tasted! 

The chef brought out a complementary dessert too! 


We had such a blast at dinner, but little did my sister know, the night was far from over! 


My sister’s boyfriend organized for all of my sister’s friends to be waiting at a nearby bar for us when we finished.  We casually strolled over to the bar and I don’t think my sister had a clue.  We went to The Joule, a fancy hotel downtown.  There is a speakeasy bar downstairs at the hotel called the Midnight Rambler.  

My sister was so surprised to see all of her friends downstairs at the bar waiting for her!  It was such a thoughtful idea by her boyfriend.  


This bar is known for signature drinks so my sister suggested we get a champagne cocktail.  It was delicious.  My husband trying to play the piano…. 

To be continued…. 

Lots to do today so I will finish up the weekend recap tomorrow!! Have a wonderful day!


  1. What did you do this weekend? 
  2. Do you like surprises? 
  3. Did you have any amazing meals this weekend? 


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday ya’ll!!  I feel like this week has gone by really quickly!  My Friday started on a really good note because I set my alarm earlier and got in a 30 minute interval workout on the treadmill this morning.  It is always nice to be done with my workout before my day really begins.  

Today I have a lots of random thoughts so I just decided to make this post a “favorites” post to highlight some happenings over here.  

But first, I have to take a second to say Happy Birthday to my sweet sis.  You are so amazing and have accomplished so much already!  I am so proud of you and I am so lucky to have you as my best friend!! 


Although  we can’t be in the Caymens on a pirate ship, I hope your day is filled with sunshine, fruity drinks, and lots of fun!  You deserve it!  Love you to the moon and back! 


Friday Favorites!

  1. Lots of doggies at my house this week!  3 left, 2 more came and 1 more comes tomorrow!  I just love a house full of doggies, they just know how to put me in a good mood. 🙂 

2. Hanging out on our roof top.  The weather in Dallas has been so nice (and hot) so we have been taking advantage of relaxing on the roof… with the pups… and our water mister fans! 


3. Happy hour on the roof.  Last night my husband and I enjoyed a few cocktails on the roof before dinner.  I had champagne with blueberries, my fav! 


4. Darts with my husband.  My husband and I love to play darts.  Last night I actually beat him, which is a rare occurrence over here.  🙂 


5. It’s the little things.  I had to go let my doggie nephew, Otis, out the other day and when we got back inside I gave him a treat (or 3!).  I just love the sweet obedience of dogs when they really want a treat.  It is very hard to say no to that face. 


6. Roasted veggies. When in doubt for a dinner side, I just toss some veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper and pop them in the oven.  So yummy!


7. This bathing suit from Nordstrom.  I usually don’t spend much on swim suits (Thank you, Target), but I really like this one.  I’m just not sure how it will look on me.  I also don’t love online shopping for swim suits.  Hmm, what you do guys think?  Do any of you have a one piece bathing suit? 


Well that is all I have for today!!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and have some time to spend outdoors!  


  1. Do you like to play darts? 
  2. Favorite dinner side? 
  3. Any fun plans for the weekend? 


What’s in my Purse?

Hi guys!! I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday!  This week has been nice with not a lot of extra obligations so I have been relaxing and catching up on some shows!  I have had this blog post draft for a while now and just realized I needed to finish it!  I love seeing what other people carry in their purse/bag so I thought I would show you a peak into mine today.  🙂 

Currently, I am using this purse in Navy from Nordstrom that my mom got me awhile ago.  It is very large and I love that.  I carry my life in my purse. 😉 


Here’s a little peak at what I keep inside my purse!

Wallet: My wallet happens to match my purse, but that was not on purpose.  I think I found this wallet at Target a couple years ago.  


Chapstick: I use chapstick religiously.  I am not picky at all (I usually by the grocery store brand or Burts Bees), but it must have SPF in it.  I burnt my lips so badly as a child once and I had to put ice on my duck shaped lips for two weeks.  It was so miserable so never again!  

Gum: I am a gum addict.  I can chew a pack or two a day.  I am not proud, but I am trying to chew a little less gum these days. 

Think Thin or Lara bar: I almost always have a bar in my purse in case I am out and about and get hungry.  It really comes in handy when I get stuck in the awful Dallas traffic. 🙂


Planner: My planner is my life.  Everyone always asks me why I don’t just use the calendar on my phone or computer, but I like to physically write things down and cross them off.  It is therapeutic for me. 

Pens: I always keep a bunch of pens in my purse.  I am always losing them or lending them out so they disappear quickly. 

Anti-bacterial wipes: I hate when my hands feel sticky or dirty so these come in handy often! 

Floss: I floss regularly at home, but I hate not having floss after lunch or when you eat something like popcorn and the kernels get stuck in your teeth.  Ugh, that is the worst! 

Emergen-C: I love these little packets because they are so portable and I can’t just mix them in a water bottle.  I especially love these for when I travel to avoid getting sick.


Deodorant: Am I the only one who keeps this in their purse?  I don’t have to use it often, but I just hate the feeling of not being able to freshen up if needed….Especially if I have to run somewhere after the gym.  

Phone charger: I use my phone a lot, which means I have low battery often so this comes in handy.  

Water bottle: I am always thirsty and I drink a lot of water so I always keep an extra bottle in my purse.  I have been using this Swell water bottle.  It keeps my water cold all day.  


Other: Keys, phone, napkins, medications, Fitbit charger, headphones, and grocery list.  

Now that I am looking at this list, that is a lot of stuff!  My purse is pretty heavy, which I know is not great for my neck, shoulders and back, but I like to be prepared!  Now your turn….


  1. What is one thing you can’t leave home without?
  2. Chapstick, lipgloss, or lipstick?
  3. Do you have a planner or do you use a phone or computer for your calendar? 


Survey Time!

Good morning yall! I hope your week is off to a good start!  This week is pretty uneventful, which I am A-okay with!  How is the weather where you are?  It is starting to get HOT in Dallas.  I don’t think I am quite ready for the Dallas summer just yet… 

Janae did this Bucket List Quiz on her blog the other day so I just had to join in!  I love reading surveys on other blogs and it also gives you a chance to get to know me a little better. 🙂

1. Fired a gun– Yes
2. Married– Yes!!

3. Fell in love– Yes

4. Swam in an ocean– Yes, but it has been quite a while!
5. Gone on a blind date– Nope.
6. Skipped school– Yes… I was a little rebel child in high school.  (sorry mom!)
7. Watched someone give birth– Nope.
8. Been to Canada– No, but my dad was born there and I really want to go!
9. Been to Hawaii– Not yet!
10. Been to Europe– Yes! I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and my dad lived in Switzerland for a few years so I have visited a bunch.  I have also visited Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

copenhagen 11
11. Been to Las Vegas– Yes, Jon and I went a couple times when we lived in Salt Lake City since we could drive.

12. Been to Washington D.C.- Yes, a few times.  This is also where Jon asked me to marry him so it holds a special place in my heart! 🙂

13. Been to Nashville– Yes, I was born in Nashville and lived there until college.
14. Visited Florida– Oh yes.
15. Visited Mexico– Yes, quite a few times!

16. Seen the Grand Canyon in person– Yes, my dad, brother, and I went on a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon a couple years ago.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!
17. Flown in a helicopter- Yes, once over the Grand Canyon and once over the city of Cincinnati.

18. Been on a cruise– Yes, once.  It wasn’t my favorite.
19. Served on a jury– Nope.
20. Been in a movie– Not yet. 😉
21. Been to Los Angeles– Yes!
22. Been to New York City– Yes.
23. Played in a band– Nope.
24. Sang karaoke– Yes.
25. Made prank phone calls– Oh yeah.
26. Laughed so much you cried– Absolutely.
27. Caught a snowflake on your tongue – yes!
28. Had children– Nope.
29. Had a pet– Yes! I have two doggies currently.
30. Been sledding on a big hill– Yes.
31. Been snowboarding– Nope, my husband loves it, but I like to ski.
33. Been water skiing– No. My water sport is tubing. 😉
34. Rode on a motorcycle– Yes.
35. Jumped out of a plane – No, but this is high on my bucketlist.
36. Been to a drive-in movie– Yes.
37. Rode an elephant– Nope.
38. Been on TV- Yes.  (A segment on a news channel for my new summer hair cut a while ago.)
39. Been in newspaper- hmm, not sure.
40. Stayed in hospital- Not overnight.
41. Donated blood- Yes.
42. Gotten a piercing- Yes.  My ears and my belly button (that a was a spring break mistake.  I took it out like a year later). 🙂
43. Gotten a tattoo– Nope.
44. Driven a stick shift vehicle – I have practiced, but I am not very good.
45. Driven over 100 mph- Yes.
46. Been scuba diving– Nope.
47. Lived on your own- Yes.
48. Got a speeding ticket- Yes… but it has been over 6 years since my last one!


  1. Have you ever been on TV?
  2. Have you ever been to Europe?  
  3. Have you ever gone on a blind date? 

Weekend Recap 6.6.16 with a video

Good morning friends! How are you guys doing today?  Today is looking like a second cup of coffee kind of day around here.  Our weekend was a mix of relaxation and productivity, which is always good! 

Friday night we took it easy and just caught up on a few shows.  Saturday morning I went to a Body Pump class followed by some party planning and shopping with my sister.  We ended up working all day and night with a couple breaks for dinner with the boys and a card game.  I will show you what we were working on once the event has happened!

We are currently watching 3 dogs (plus our 2) so a lot of play time and walks happened too.  My husband got this video of the dogs attacking  kissing me.  I created a youtube channel so I can start showing you more videos.  I love seeing videos on other blogs so I thought I should hop on the bandwagon.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHIf6SVhRao

Sunday morning, my husband and I, and 3 friends headed out to the lake for a boat day with yummy drinks and snacks.  It was such a beautiful day.  The boys took turns wakeboarding while I caught some rays. 🙂

Sunday night, my husband and I went to Sushi Axiom for half-priced sushi!  We started with edamame and a seaweed salad.


We shared a few rolls and were very impressed by how good they were! So yummy! 

I think we were in bed by 9am last night.  The sun can really ware you out! That sums up our weekend.  It was so nice to be home with not many plans for a change!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you all tomorrow!


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Do you like sushi?
  3. Did you get to spend sometime outside this weekend?