What’s in my Purse?

Hi guys!! I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday!  This week has been nice with not a lot of extra obligations so I have been relaxing and catching up on some shows!  I have had this blog post draft for a while now and just realized I needed to finish it!  I love seeing what other people carry in their purse/bag so I thought I would show you a peak into mine today.  🙂 

Currently, I am using this purse in Navy from Nordstrom that my mom got me awhile ago.  It is very large and I love that.  I carry my life in my purse. 😉 


Here’s a little peak at what I keep inside my purse!

Wallet: My wallet happens to match my purse, but that was not on purpose.  I think I found this wallet at Target a couple years ago.  


Chapstick: I use chapstick religiously.  I am not picky at all (I usually by the grocery store brand or Burts Bees), but it must have SPF in it.  I burnt my lips so badly as a child once and I had to put ice on my duck shaped lips for two weeks.  It was so miserable so never again!  

Gum: I am a gum addict.  I can chew a pack or two a day.  I am not proud, but I am trying to chew a little less gum these days. 

Think Thin or Lara bar: I almost always have a bar in my purse in case I am out and about and get hungry.  It really comes in handy when I get stuck in the awful Dallas traffic. 🙂


Planner: My planner is my life.  Everyone always asks me why I don’t just use the calendar on my phone or computer, but I like to physically write things down and cross them off.  It is therapeutic for me. 

Pens: I always keep a bunch of pens in my purse.  I am always losing them or lending them out so they disappear quickly. 

Anti-bacterial wipes: I hate when my hands feel sticky or dirty so these come in handy often! 

Floss: I floss regularly at home, but I hate not having floss after lunch or when you eat something like popcorn and the kernels get stuck in your teeth.  Ugh, that is the worst! 

Emergen-C: I love these little packets because they are so portable and I can’t just mix them in a water bottle.  I especially love these for when I travel to avoid getting sick.


Deodorant: Am I the only one who keeps this in their purse?  I don’t have to use it often, but I just hate the feeling of not being able to freshen up if needed….Especially if I have to run somewhere after the gym.  

Phone charger: I use my phone a lot, which means I have low battery often so this comes in handy.  

Water bottle: I am always thirsty and I drink a lot of water so I always keep an extra bottle in my purse.  I have been using this Swell water bottle.  It keeps my water cold all day.  


Other: Keys, phone, napkins, medications, Fitbit charger, headphones, and grocery list.  

Now that I am looking at this list, that is a lot of stuff!  My purse is pretty heavy, which I know is not great for my neck, shoulders and back, but I like to be prepared!  Now your turn….


  1. What is one thing you can’t leave home without?
  2. Chapstick, lipgloss, or lipstick?
  3. Do you have a planner or do you use a phone or computer for your calendar? 


2 thoughts on “What’s in my Purse?

  1. I was a former gum addict but stopped chewing it so much–it was making me bloated! Now I stick to mints and occasional gum. I know the addiction is real, haha! I cant leave home without my phone–I feel naked without it! I have a physical planner too. I do love using Any List app for groceries though because it orders the food by aisle (produce, baking, etc) for you.


    1. I quit gum every few months, but always go back! Oh I would definitely turn around if I forgot my phone lol … I am definitely going to check out that app.. that is awesome that it organizes your items by aisle! what a great concept!


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