Weekend Recap 6.6.16 with a video

Good morning friends! How are you guys doing today?  Today is looking like a second cup of coffee kind of day around here.  Our weekend was a mix of relaxation and productivity, which is always good! 

Friday night we took it easy and just caught up on a few shows.  Saturday morning I went to a Body Pump class followed by some party planning and shopping with my sister.  We ended up working all day and night with a couple breaks for dinner with the boys and a card game.  I will show you what we were working on once the event has happened!

We are currently watching 3 dogs (plus our 2) so a lot of play time and walks happened too.  My husband got this video of the dogs attacking  kissing me.  I created a youtube channel so I can start showing you more videos.  I love seeing videos on other blogs so I thought I should hop on the bandwagon.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHIf6SVhRao

Sunday morning, my husband and I, and 3 friends headed out to the lake for a boat day with yummy drinks and snacks.  It was such a beautiful day.  The boys took turns wakeboarding while I caught some rays. 🙂

Sunday night, my husband and I went to Sushi Axiom for half-priced sushi!  We started with edamame and a seaweed salad.


We shared a few rolls and were very impressed by how good they were! So yummy! 

I think we were in bed by 9am last night.  The sun can really ware you out! That sums up our weekend.  It was so nice to be home with not many plans for a change!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you all tomorrow!


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Do you like sushi?
  3. Did you get to spend sometime outside this weekend? 


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 6.6.16 with a video

  1. Yay for videos!! Can’t wait to watch. I want to try a body pump class sometime. Looks like a lot of fun!! I did get to spend some time outdoors this weekend. Sunday rained, but Saturday was nice! Have a great day!!


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