I’m Craving a Georgia Peach!

Hi!!  I am craving sweet, juicy Georgia peach today… and that works out quite perfectly because I am headed to Atlanta to meet up with my husband (he’s been traveling this week for work) with my pup, Riley so we can hop in the car for a short 2 hour drive to the lake!

I just wanted to stop in and say hi before our travel day begins!  We will be gone for almost a week (!!!) so I will pop in a couple times to share some yummy eats and fun times at the lake!! Have a great day!!


A Coffee Date With You!

Good morning friends!!  How’s your morning going?  I am quite sleepy today after a huge thunderstorm last night (no power for 2 hours) and staying up late to chat with my bestie.  It was well worth it, but I could certainly use an IV of coffee right about now.  

So let’s pretend we are on a coffee date this morning and I’ll fill you in on what’s going on in my world right now.  

I am currently sipping on some black coffee while filling out my planner and making my to-do list for the day.  I love to start my day feeling organized and on top of it.  

I would tell you that I had a really good run this morning (a little under 4 miles) while catching up on the Bachelorette (I am hooked).  

I would tell you all about my dinner date over Facetime with my best friend, Rachael, last night.  My husband was out of town and her boyfriend was gone for the night so we had a dinner date!  We always have so much to talk about and had a great time reminiscing about the good old days.  We have so many memories that we look back on and think…”What the heck was I thinking???!?!?”  But it is fun to see how are friendship has changed and grown so much over the years. 


And her puppy, Cooper.  He is just the cutest.


I would tell you how I can’t stop looking at my watch and counting down the hours until I need to check in for my flight to Georgia tomorrow.  Last flight we took (Southwest), I forgot to check in and got a boarding pass with C44 on it!  I didn’t even know the numbers went back that far.  😉  

Speaking of my flight tomorrow… I am headed to Georgia to my in-laws lake house for almost a week of pure relaxation.  We always have such a great time and it is nice to not have an agenda for a bit.  And I am definitely looking forward to my morning runs with lots of hills!! (We don’t have those in Dallas, TX). 

As you may or may not know, my husband and I have moved quite a bit for his career.  He recently got presented with an opportunity to move for another position.  This is always a very tough decision for us, but this time was different.  We absolutely love Dallas and feel like we have really made this place home to us.  So ultimately we decided not to take the offer.  Life is full of big choices you have to make and it is important to do what feels right for you.  This is not to say we won’t be moving in the next year, but this just wasn’t the right move for our family.  

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how excited I am to be going home to Nashville in a few weeks.  I am going to my girlfriend’s bachelorette party, but built in a couple extra days so I can spend time with my family.  So excited!!

Wedding season is coming up!  We have a couple bachelorette and bachelor parties, and 4 fall weddings to attend!  We are very excited!  I think weddings are even more special now that we are married and got to experience having that day all about us, our relationship, and spending time with family and friends!


I am over the Dallas heat already.  It is hot.  And humid.  It is just gross outside.  My dogs are not really loving the weather either.  I guess this is the price you pay for a very mild winter.

I love candles!  Last night when the power went out, I lit every candle in my house.  It made me realize how much I love candles.  They are so peaceful and calming.  I need to light them more often.  

I think I am finally ready for a haircut.  You guys, it has been since last July (the day before my bachelorette party) since I cut my hair.  Yep, you read that right.  One whole year.  Fortunately I don’t get many split ends and it still feels pretty healthy.  That may have to do with the lack of washing it… I want to keep it long, but I would like a few more layers.  I am thinking about something like this.

Premiere Of Miramax's "The Switch" - Arrivals
LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 16: Actress Jennifer Aniston arrives at the premiere of Miramax’s “The Switch” held at Arclight Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome on August 16, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Our coffee date is coming to an end. 😦  Time to get some work done and fill up my cup! Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. How often do you get your hair cut? 
  2. Are you a fan of the Bachelorette?
  3. What is one thing you would tell me on our coffee date?  

Weekend Recap 6.27.16.. Boating, Brunch and a Date Night!

Hi there! Happy Monday to you!  I hope your week is going well so far!  I got in a run at 4am today, which is a big struggle for me on a Monday, so I am pretty happy about that!  Only 2 days of work this week before we are off for a long weekend with family for the 4th of July.  It was so nice to have a weekend at home with not much on the agenda.  We ended up doing a lot, but it was all fun and relaxing.  And I got my house vacuumed, mopped, dusted, organized and back in order, which is a great way to start the week!

Friday afternoon we took it easy with a short walk with the pups and a little cuddling.  Then this happened…. Otis fell asleep with Callie sleeping on top of him.  They literally slept like this for 30 minutes.  My husband and I took a million pictures because it was just too funny.  They are the best of friends.  


Friday night we ate a quick dinner of a bunch of leftovers… kale salad, spaghetti squash with pesto and roasted sweet potatoes.  Around 8pm, we went to our neighbor’s house for a little get together.  They made homemade spicy margaritas and sangria and loves of delicious snacks.  We played a few games, met some new friends, and had a blast.  


Late Saturday morning we headed out to the boat with our friend and the pups.  It was a beautiful day and the water was amazing! 

The boys and the pups.  (Our doggies love being on the boat.)

Riley and I enjoyed floating in the water for a while.  It was so refreshing!


Saturday night my husband and I had plans to use up a gift card at our favorite restaurant, HG Supply Co.  We started out with the ahi tuna appetizer and it was to die for!! It was paired with avocado over a seaweed salad.  


I got my usual make-your-own-bowl with mushroom quinoa pilaf, roasted brussel sprouts, grilled salmon, and guacamole and my husband got the burger!


Date nights are very important to us and we make a priority to have one almost every week.  It is nice to get a little dressed up and get out of the house together.  Love this guy! 


Sunday morning we met up with my husband’s aunt and uncle and some of their family friends for brunch to celebrate my husband’s aunt’s birthday!  We went to Boulevardier, a little French restaurant in a cute area of town called Bishops Arts District.  


I got a huge omelette with tons of veggies and it was so tasty!!


My husband and I with Aunt Nanci, the birthday girl! 


The whole crew! 


After brunch my husband went to play in a tennis match while I went home and cleaned the house.  Late afternoon we headed out with another friend for a short boat cruise.  The boys wake-boarded and I cheered them on while sipping some champs from the boat. 😉 

Fun in the sun with my sweet girl.  She is a momma’s girl, that is for sure.  


We were pretty tired last night so it was early to bed for a 4am alarm clock for a run before work.  I hope you all had an amazing weekend too and let’s make this week a great one!


  1. Tell me about your weekend!  What did you do?
  2. Have you tried any new restaurants near you lately? 
  3. If you have a significant other, how often do you guys get to do a date night? 

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday ya’ll!!! Woo! This week actually went by pretty quickly for me, but I sure am happy for the weekend.  I am excited to sleep in a little bit (past 4am!!) and not have too much on the agenda.  Tonight we have plans for a drink with our new neighbors and then we are just going to relax and probably catch up on a few shows. 🙂 

Today is all about Friday Favorites!  This post recaps all my favorite things from this week! 


  1. Kombucha.  I love this Synergy brand and the Trilogy flavor is my favorite.  


2. These coconut chips from Trader Joe’s.  I just can’t get enough and I don’t think I have ever eaten only half the bag (1 serving) in a single sitting.  They are just too addictive. 


3. This book.  My mom suggested I read this book and I have been really loving it so far.  I am excited to find out what happens next! 


4.  This sweet girl we have been watching.  She is full of energy, but will cuddle with you anytime you want.  I will be so sad to see her leave today. 😦 

5. A yummy, well-rounded breakfast I had this week.  Lots of fresh fruit (watermelon, cantelope, straweberries, mangoes, peaches, blueberries, blackberries, and pineapple) and a 1 egg + 2 egg white scramble with salt, pepper, chili powder and avocado!  Carbs, healthy fats, and protein = delicious!! 


5. My nephew doggie, Otis, has a new girlfriend.  Her name is Maddie.  


6. Snack and coffee time combined! Earlier this week, I was hungry for a snack, but also needed a little caffeine to power me through the morning.  I combined my cup of coffee in the blender with this smoothie and the result was so tasty!!  It was kind of like a frappuccino without all the calories and added sugar.  

7. This video of Otis chewing the bone.  He was going to town.  This went on for hours. 

8. New flavor additions for my morning green smoothie.  Almost every morning I have a big smoothie to start my day.  I always add spinach, flaxseed, frozen banana, and water.  The rest of the fruit that I add is dependent upon what I have at my house/what was on sale at the store that week.  This week I added peaches and pineapple (I bought a TON of both fresh because there was an amazing sale) that I chopped up this week and froze to have on hand for smoothies.  The peaches and pineapple were a great flavor combination making my morning smoothie so delicious! 


That wraps up my favorites from this week!!!  I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!! 


  1. What book are you reading right now?
  2. What is one of your favorites from this week?
  3. What are your plans for the weekend? 

10 Thursday Thoughts

Hi there! How is your Thursday going so far?  I went to an early morning Body Pump class followed by a long walk with the pups before it gets too hot later today.  The heat index is supposed to be 102 this afternoon… ouch.  

Today’s post is just a compilation of a bunch of random thoughts…. 

  1. I feel like I am always cleaning my house.  I suppose it is because we have 2 dogs (and usually a couple extra), but I can’t seem to keep up.  Dust, vacuum, mop, clean windows, etc…. then two days later, I need to do it all again.  Does anyone else feel like they are always cleaning?
  2. 2016 has been such a great year, but gosh, it sure seems to be flying by so quickly.  I would like for time to just slow down a bit. 
  3. Tennis.  My husband loves to play tennis (and he is really good at it too), but I just can’t seem to get into it.  I love being active, but my coordination needs a lot of improvement.  My husband thinks I should take lessons, maybe I should.  
  4. Friendships are so important to me.  The more my husband and I move (for his job), the more I realize how important my closest friends are to me.  I talk to one of my best friends pretty much every day and another one I talk to every few weeks, but it is like no time has passed.  Either way, I am so grateful to have great friends that I can count on. 
  5. Even though I am no longer in school, I still get that “yay, it is summer!!” feeling like I used to throughout growing up.  There is just something about summertime that puts my mind at ease and reminds me of the good old days when my sister and friends would spend all day riding our bikes or hanging by the pool. 
  6. Why does everyone I know have a spring/summer birthday?  It just seems like we have had a few friends or family members with birthdays for the last few months and the next few months to come.  They just all seem to fall around the same time. 
  7. Orange is the New Black.  The 4th season just came out on Netflix and I can’t decide if I still like it.  It was hard for me to pay attention to the first episode, but I guess I will give it a few more to see if it gets better.  I did like the previous seasons a lot.  
  8. Babies on the facebook newsfeed.  Everytime I get on Facebook, there are at least a few newborn babies on my feed.  I love it!!  I guess when you hit your mid-late 20s, this is bound to happen.  I feel like it all happened so fast… not many people I knew had babies and now so many people are pregnant or just had a baby.  So cute!
  9. I am finally getting the itch (after about 3 years?) to train for a half marathon again.  I have done 2 half marathons (Nashville and Cincinnati).  The first one was amazing and the second one was awful… hence why I haven’t done another one since! 🙂 
  10. I have two bachelorette parties coming up for my cousin and friend.  We have a few games planned, but are really trying to think of a couple more.  Games make everything so much more fun.  Do you know any great games for bachelorette parties? 

Well, that is all the rambling I will do for today!!  There are 5 pups at my house today so it is time for walk number 2! Have a great day! 


  1. When is your birthday?
  2. Any fun games for a bachelorette party?
  3. What is your random thought for the day?

The Rest of Our Time in Boston!!

Good morning!! I hope your day began on a good note!  I miraculously ran at 4am this morning and am still feeling those endorphins so I would say that my day is going pretty well so far! I am definitely already looking forward to the weekend to have some down time at home.  

Today I am going to continue with my recap of our trip to Boston this past weekend so here we go! 

Saturday morning we hung out for a bit before heading into the city for brunch.

We took the train (my husband was ecstatic!). 


We had reservations at North Street Grille.  The place is small, but the menu did not disappoint.  


It was huge and had everything you could want! 

But ofcourse, we started with mimosas. (When on vacation…)


We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals and could not stop raving about them all day. 

After brunch we took a little stroll to see some more sites around town. 

We walked past the Paul Revere House, but decided not to go in.  

We saw the Freedom Trail that goes all around Boston. 

We saw Mike’s Pastry, a famous spot for cannolis in Boston, but decided we didn’t want to wait in line.  We were all still stuffed from brunch too.  

Next we stopped at Bell in Hand, America’s oldest tavern! 


We decided to have a drink while we were there.  I got the Berry Sangria and it was amazing!

Having a blast in Boston!

After our drinks, we walked to the Holocaust Memorial, which was very powerful.  The horrific things these people went through makes me realize just how lucky we are today. 

Next we went to Faneuil Hall Market Place to browse the food inside!  I vividly remember going through this market on my last trip to Boston about 4 or 5 years ago (I spoke at a conference in Boston when I was in college).  

The place is so big and filled with so many yummy treats!!  Our friend Hailey bought some dark chocolate covered espresso beans and shared them with us!  They were incredible!

While munching on the chocolate, we walked down to the water.  

Boston is such a neat and unique city!  We had plans to grab a drink on this rooftop bar, but it was packed so we opted for some seats down by the water. 

It was the most perfect weather while we were there.  We couldn’t stop talking about it!

Love these sweet friends! 


After going home to relax for a bit and freshen up, we had plans to head to the Top of the Hub restaurant for dinner.  

It is located 52 stories up with amazing views of the city!

Unfortunately when we sat down, my husband started not feeling well so we had to leave.  We went home, ordered sushi, and watched murder shows on TV.  We are so fun.  At least we got to see the incredible view! 

Our flight home was not until Sunday night so we went to a late brunch at a nearby restaurant called Abington Ale House.  We had a nice table outside so we could enjoy the lovely weather.

We all enjoyed our food and the company. 🙂 

We spent the rest of the day out by the pool playing card games.  We had the most wonderful time in Boston thanks to our terrific hosts, Drew and Hailey!  If you have never been to Boston, I highly recommend it! 


  1. Do you order breakfast or lunch when you go to brunch?
  2. Have you  ever tried chocolate covered espresso beans?
  3. Do you prefer a night in or a night out on the town? 

Boston Trip to Visit Friends

Good morning!  We are back from Boston and trying to get back into the swing of things.  It is always hard getting back to reality after such a fun trip.  My husband and I are both feeling a little under the weather so we are hoping that it is just the exhaustion from traveling and not something worse.  

We had the absolute best weekend with our friends in Boston.  We explored the town, relaxed, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 

We arrived in Boston on Thursday afternoon and our friend picked us up from the airport.  We had plans to grill out at their apartment and just relax that night.  We played Hearts while hanging outside Thursday night (the weather was amazing!).

They grilled potatoes, veggies, salmon and steaks and it was all delicious!! 

We decided to walk to a nearby bar for a drink after dinner. We went to Main Street Bar and Grill, which has a fun atmosphere and yummy drinks! 


Friday morning everyone but me had to work so I headed to the gym for a quick workout.  I did 30 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill then headed back to the apartment to make a salad for lunch.  


After the boys got home from work, we all got ready and headed to the train to go downtown for the Red Sox game.  It is nice to be able to take public transportation and not have to worry about driving in such a big city.  (My husband LOVES taking public transportation… he was so excited). 😉 


We took the train, the subway, and walked a little bit and then we arrived. It is so interesting how long it takes to get somewhere with public transportation.  Ofcourse, it may take longer in a car in Boston because of the crazy traffic, but we are just so used to hopping in the car and being somewhere within 10-15 minutes.  

We went to a restaurant near the stadium to post up for a couple hours before the game.  We went to Game On and got a table outside, which was great for people watching. 🙂 

A little while later, Hailey joined us after she got off work and we all had a great time chatting, drinking, and snacking before the game.  

I enjoyed a salad (forgot to take a picture) while the others split some appetizers and a pizza! 

This was our first time at Fenway Park so we were really excited!!  


We had seats in the outfield, which were pretty good.  (I think I do need to get glasses soon though… ). 

We just love these two! 


Fenway Park is really nice!  I love seeing different ball parks when we visit different places.  I really love baseball games out of all other sports.  I think it is because it is easy to follow and I grew up watching baseball with my dad all the time. 


After the game, we hung out downtown for a little while before calling it a night.  

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you more of our trip to Boston!


  1. How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?
  2. Do you like baseball?
  3. Have you ever been to Boston?  Fenway Park? 


On the Go Again…

Hi guys!  How is going day going?  My husband and I had a long travel day to Boston today to visit some good friends for the weekend!  We are so excited to be here and explore the town a bit with our friends!  

This week was a little crazy cramming a lot into a few days before we left this morning so I will just show a few highlights from this week. 🙂 

My sister took this picture from last weekend when we were hanging on our roof.  Otis’ face just cracks me up! 


Just a couple snapchats I took the other day.  This is a regular occurrence at our house… me and all the dogs on our smaller couch and Jon gets the big couch all to himself… 

Have you guys tried this coconut milk ice cream from Trader Joes?  I loved it!  It is so creamy! 

Every day when I leave, I have to tell the pups I will be back soon before I go.  Does anyone else do this?  I always wonder if they actually know what I am saying… yeah, probably not. 


These are my pups at the vet before they realized they had to get their annual shots… their faces were not so happy after that.  They were literally pulling me out the door. 🙂 


But I took them to the dog park afterwards so they forgave me. 😉 


This is Otis on the ride home from the dog park.  He was exhausted.  He just runs and runs and runs at the park. 


I didn’t do any grocery shopping this week because of our trip to Boston so it was slim pickings in our kitchen yesterday.  For lunch I threw together tuna, avocado, hard boiled egg whites, onion, red wine vinegar, lime juice, spicy mustard, garlic powder, chili powder, paprika, salt and pepper.  It ended up being amazing!!! Love when that happens.  And ofcourse, I roasted a sweet potato on the side.  Can never go wrong with that! 


We are off to relax and spend time with our friends, but I will be sure to update you soon on our Boston adventures!!  Any recommendations while we are here?


  1. Boston recommendations? 
  2. Have you tried coconut milk ice cream? 
  3. Anyone looking forward to some fun weekend plans? 

Weekend Recap 6.14.16 Part 2

Hi! How are you all doing today?  I am doing really well especially since I have switched up my workout routine a bit.  On the days I work, I am usually up by 4:45am already so I have never bothered to wake up earlier to get in a workout.  I often just run after I get home (and after a couple hours of procrastination).  This has left me kinda dreading my runs because I am exhausted after such an early start to the day.  So last Friday I decided to run before work (hello, 4:00am alarm clock) and I loved it.  It was so nice to know that I had my afternoon and evening to myself to do whatever I wanted.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a morning exercise type of person, but more like a 6am class, not a 4am run.  Well I think I have begun to develop a new habit because I ran yesterday and today before work.  Yes, it is hard to pull myself out of bed at that hour, but I find my motivation in knowing I can relax/have more time to get things done after work.  I have a treadmill in my house so I just walk downstairs and get going (don’t worry, mom and dad, I will not run in the dark by myself). 😉 We will see if this habit sticks, but for now, I really am loving it.

Okay, now back to the rest of my weekend fun! 

Friday night after the surprise at the bar, we headed to another local bar, Knox Street Pub, for some music and dancing.  It was so much fun and we stayed up wayyyy too late, but it was so worth it! 

Saturday morning started with a quick run and a weight circuit before heading to Origin for a birthday brunch for my sister (we love to celebrate!) with her friends.  Ofcourse, we started with mimosas. 


I got the brussel sprout salad with salmon (I get this every time we eat here… it is just THAT good).  


The rest of Sunday was spent on our rooftop playing Cards Against Humanity and a few other card games.  It was a blast! 

We were watching these two pups this weekend and they both were obsessed with the same toy. 🙂 


Sunday was spent getting things done around the house.  I love starting my week with an organized and clean house (as clean as it can get with 6 dogs who shed….). 

Every time I would lay on the couch and put my feet up, this sweet pup would lick my toes.  I am so ticklish and couldn’t stop laughing.  I know you guys wanted to see this picture. 😉  


And her look alike, Jax, loved my husband.  When my husband would talk on the phone, he would literally just climb all over him until he paid her some attention.  


This guy found his new favorite spot to sit… on my shoulder.  Sometimes I am not sure if he is a cat, a bird, or a dog.  He sure is funny though.  🙂 


Sunday night was an early one for my 4am wake up call.  I will see you tomorrow before we are off on another long weekend adventure!  Have a great day!


  1. Are you a morning person?  Do you exercise before or after work?
  2. Do you like brunch? Or would you rather go out to dinner?
  3.  What is your favorite card game? 

Weekend Recap 6.13.16… Birthday Celebrations!

Good morning, guys! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I am a little tired this morning after an early morning workout and lots of celebrating for my sister’s birthday this weekend.  We take birthdays pretty seriously over here. 😉 

Fortunately, I took quite a few pictures this weekend so I will fill you guys in on our fun weekend! 

My sister’s boyfriend set up a surprise dinner and night out for my sister.  My husband and I showed up to their apartment (she didn’t know we were coming) with some champagne and flowers and toasted to the birthday girl before heading downtown to dinner.  We had reservations at Dallas Fish Market, definitely a special occasion kind of place, but certainly one of our favorites! 

We made sure to snap a few pictures before heading in so we didn’t forget! 🙂 I wore my white dress that I actually wore to our rehearsal dinner last year, with the same nude wedges I wore as well. 🙂 


Love these cuties! 


They always give you a little appetizer taste of whatever they are making that day and a glass of champagne to cheers!  Cheers to the birthday girl!! 

The entire menu looked so good and I really had a hard time choosing what to get.  We started with the ahi tuna and a sushi roll (can’t remember the name).  They were both amazing! 


I got the ahi tuna for me entree because I just can’t resist it when it is on the menu.  Those are mushrooms underneath… so so so good!  My sister got the swordfish and shared a few bites with me and it was probably the best swordfish I have ever tasted! 

The chef brought out a complementary dessert too! 


We had such a blast at dinner, but little did my sister know, the night was far from over! 


My sister’s boyfriend organized for all of my sister’s friends to be waiting at a nearby bar for us when we finished.  We casually strolled over to the bar and I don’t think my sister had a clue.  We went to The Joule, a fancy hotel downtown.  There is a speakeasy bar downstairs at the hotel called the Midnight Rambler.  

My sister was so surprised to see all of her friends downstairs at the bar waiting for her!  It was such a thoughtful idea by her boyfriend.  


This bar is known for signature drinks so my sister suggested we get a champagne cocktail.  It was delicious.  My husband trying to play the piano…. 

To be continued…. 

Lots to do today so I will finish up the weekend recap tomorrow!! Have a wonderful day!


  1. What did you do this weekend? 
  2. Do you like surprises? 
  3. Did you have any amazing meals this weekend?