Weekend Recap 5.23.16… Rachael visits & a day full of doggies

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  Too short as always?  I could have used an extra day, but hey, this week is a short one for me because we are heading to the lake for a family reunion over the long weekend.  

Let’s back up to Friday.  My best friend, Rachael, came into town really late on Thursday night.  Friday morning I headed to the gym bright and early then came home to get ready for brunch with my sister and the pups.  We went to a new restaurant called Eureka and sat on the patio.  

These two prefer their mommas’ laps.  🙂


We ordered some cocktails to start along with roasted brussel sprouts, which were to die for! I got the kale salad and the other girls got the tacos and we all loved our dishes! 

After brunch, we headed to Mutts, a local dog park with a bar attached to it.  (Such a great concept!)  The pups ran and ran and ran.  My friend Rachael even brought her pup to Dallas for the weekend (she is my best friend from high school in Nashville where I grew up).  As you can see, Riley is in his happy place… chewing on a stick (his favorite).  

And just in case the pups hadn’t had enough activity already, we headed to the Katy Trail Ice House to enjoy the beautiful weather for the afternoon.  There were lots of doggies there and great people watching. 🙂

With my favorite girlies! 

This little girl came up to us and just started chatting away.  She loved all 4 pups we had with us.  She asked if she could walk Riley and just walked him around the picnic tables and sat with him until she had to leave.  When she was about to leave she asked if I had a penny.  I said, “sure, but why do you need a penny?”  She said, “so I can buy a puppy.” I said, “what puppy do you want to buy?” And she said, “THAT one” and pointed to Riley.  I said “that is so sweet, but you cannot buy my puppy! LOL”  Kids are the cutest!! 


We hung out for a few hours before heading to my sister’s apartment to hang out on their rooftop patio.  Ahh life is good! 


The pups finally started to get a little tired. 😉

Callie loves Rachael and loves to give her lots of kisses!

I’m the favorite…. because I have the treats! 


This post is getting a little long so I will finish up the weekend recap in tomorrow’s post!  Have a great week! 


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Do you have any plans for Memorial Day weekend?
  3. Is your dog (s) a fan of the dog park? 


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 5.23.16… Rachael visits & a day full of doggies

  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! My dogs love the park. 🙂 This weekend I worked, went to church, and went grocery shopping! Pretty low key but good. Have a great monday girl!

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