Cayman Islands Days 4 & 5

Hi everyone!!  I have a couple more days of pictures from our recent trip to the Cayman Islands so I thought I would continue the recap today!  Today is quite crazy as I am so busy and didn’t get much sleep thanks to staying up wayyy too late with my sister planning something fun last night and an early morning body pump class today.  

The next few days in the Cayman Islands consisted of a lot of this…. boys trying to get the coconuts out of the trees.

Then cracking them open to get the coconut water out for some serious fruity cocktails hydration.  (which by the way, is no easy task)  I may or may not have broken my bottom permanent retainer eating the coconut… oops!

So proud of the coconuts! 


Okay, this puzzle looks way easier in the picture, but it took us forever!!! I get my love of puzzles from my momma. (She goes to bed at 8pm, but if there is a puzzle in sight, she has been known to stay up until 3 am trying to finish it). 🙂


Near the house that we stay at is a beach called Rum Point.  We would frequently hang out there in the water, on the lounge chairs, and play volleyball.  The boys played probably 100 games. 😉  They made us girls play against other people who we there in two different times and we won both games!  Although my sister and I preferred to sit on the side lines and watch while sipping our drinks. 😉

Cooling off in the pool.


Wednesday night my husband and I biked over to Starfish point to see the sunset. 

It was truly breathtaking.




This is what happens when you tell 5 boys to smile for a picture…


The best attempt 🙂  (Ladies, the 3 boys on the right are single… ) 😉 


I am off to get a couple more errands done before I pick my bestie up at the airport tonight!!! Can’t wait! Have a wonderful evening!


  1. What is your favorite fruity cocktail?
  2. Any fun Thursday evening plans?
  3. How often do you get to see your best friend? 


2 thoughts on “Cayman Islands Days 4 & 5

  1. omg what did you guys use to open the coconuts? That sunset is beautiful–dont you wish we could enjoy tropical sunsets every night?! I definitely think that puzzle looks hard–its so hard when everythings a similar color!


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