Cayman Islands Over the Edge

Happy hump day! How is everyone doing today?  We are halfway through the week, which is always a good thing!  Come on Friday!! Today is actually my Friday so I am very happy!  My best friend is coming into town tomorrow so life is pretty great right now! 

Okay, enough rambling, let’s get right to it!  When we were in the Cayman Islands, the closest real grocery store (not just a convenient store) was about 45 minutes away from the house we stayed at.  We made 2 trips to stock up on food because we planned to cook most meals at the house because with 7 people, it is just easier to not have to figure out driving, cabs (or lack thereof), and it saves a lot of money.  

We were staying at our friends’ boss’s house in the Cayman Islands (so nice of him to let us use it for the week) and he also offered to buy us dinner one night (beyond generous!) so we made a reservation (which we definitely didn’t need) at a nearby restaurant on the beach called Over The Edge Cafe.  

In the cab on the way to dinner.


I’m so sad the lighting in this picture is so bad, but here is our group outside the restaurant. 


My sister and I modeling the menu. 🙂

We got the edge of the table right by the water! so pretty!

I started with the greek salad and got  the tuna with veggies for my entree.  It was all delicious!!  

These cuties got the mahi mahi and the lobster and raved about their meals as well! 

More pictures from dinner!

And a girlie bathroom selfie because we can’t go alone.  😉


The super 7 at dinner!! (Thank you, Malcolm!!!)


We had such a nice dinner out and it was nice not to have to think about cooking!  And let’s be honest, this was the only time we dressed up and the girls wore makeup the whole trip… this night was needed and so fun! 


  1. Do you wear makeup everyday?
  2. How often do you curl or straighten your hair?
  3. Do you prefer to eat out or cook on vacation?

6 thoughts on “Cayman Islands Over the Edge

  1. Normally I’d say that I like to eat out while on vacation because i dont like to cook during my break! BUT now that im gluten free and also have to avoid dairy…cooking my own food has become the norm. I think next vacation ill definitely be cooking instead!


  2. I prefer a mix of both—- eat in, no makeup, having vino preparing the meal and kicking back after a day in the sun! I also like the getting dressed up for the date night with my man part as well. Usually on vacation we just flow with whatever we feel at that time but make reservations for restaurants just in case we are indeed going out. We are headed soon for the BAHAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun with your BFF. Love your blog!!

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    1. Oh thank you so much for reading, Donna! I truly appreciate it! I am so jealous of your trip to the Bahamas!! How fun!!! I definitely love a mix of going out/dressing up and staying in/cooking on vacation and at home too. Enjoy your trip!! xoxo


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