Cayman Islands Day 2 on the Pirate Ship

Good morning ya’ll!!  How was your weekend?  I can’t believe it is already Monday… where do the weekends go?  We are back on American soil and I am happy to be back into my normal routine and beyond happy to be back with my pups! 

Today I am going to recap last Monday in the Cayman Islands, which was probably the highlight of the trip.  While we were in the Cayman Islands, we stayed at a house about 45 minutes from Georgetown (the biggest town on the island) so we wanted to get out and explore a little bit one day.  We all wanted to enjoy some adult beverages so we took a cab (so expensive) to town.  My sister and husband found a “booze cruise” on a pirate ship so we were all excited, but intrigued to see what exactly this would be.  The price of alcohol (and food for that matter) was very expensive on the island so we were all pretty excited for an open bar.  😉

We arrived in Georgetown a couple hours before our boat cruise so we did a little shopping then grabbed a drink and some appetizers at a restaurant overlooking the ocean. (My sister and her boyfriend in the picture.  I have 100000 pictures of them after this trip.) 🙂 

We asked the pirate ship organizer on the phone – “how are we going to find you in Georgetown?” and he responded – “it’s a 70 ft pirate ship, you can’t miss it.”  The ironic thing is that we actually couldn’t find it and wound up walking to the area where the boats unload freight and we got in trouble. 😉  We walked down the beach a bit farther and found our boat!  At this point we were a little worried this cruise was for children…. 


But we decided to roll with it. (My sister and I both bought new hats for this trip and ended up buying the exact same hat and we didn’t find out until we both put them on that morning…great minds think alike.) 😉 


The boys. 


And then the pirates handed us rum punch and all was okay. 🙂


My sister with one of the pirates.  (The boat holds like 20-30 people, but for some reason no other groups signed up for the pirate ship cruise on this specific day so we had the entire boat to ourselves!!!) 🙂 


The pirates made us recite random things and “scrub the deck”.  We were all just wanting to hang out so we were a little concerned the cruise would be like this… 

But then… things got really funny when this guy… 


tied up our boys….


and they held hands when they got ice cold water poured over them!  🙂 I have really great videos of this that I am sure they would not like me sharing with the world. 🙂 They better be nice to me… 😉 


We spent the rest of the day on the boat just relaxing and drinking some more rum punch!


Then we all had to walk the plank….

I enjoyed just hanging out on the plank… the water was so beautiful.  


More planking.

We did a little snorkeling too, but again no pictures of that because my phone would have ended up in the water.  Oh, and we practiced our “titanic” poses.

Love this girl. 




The whole crew!


Love these crazy kids!


That wraps up our time on the pirate ship!  We all had a blast (and were very responsible… don’t worry, mom)!!! I will be back tomorrow to show you all some more fun from our trip!! Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. Do you get sea sick?
  2. Have you ever tried rum punch before?
  3. What is your favorite activity to do on vacation? swim? boat? play sports?

8 thoughts on “Cayman Islands Day 2 on the Pirate Ship

  1. I get seasick and take meclizine whenever we cruise!
    Rum punch is awesome! 🙂 And THAT is my kind of planking haha!
    I love to swim, snorkel, kayak, or hike on vacation!


  2. Sounds so fun! Those pirates had you guys working hard haha, must of been quite the experience.
    The hand holding made me laugh, they did not look like they were looking forward to that at all!


  3. Sounds like so much fun Taylor! I love paddleboarding if I’m by an ocean or lake. I also love just tanning on the beach, reading a book, or listening to music. Relaxation time on vacation is the best!


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