Cayman Islands Day 1

Hi everyone!!  It feels like so long since I have written a blog post even though it has been less than a week.  We have been spending time with our friends and soaking up the sun in the Cayman Islands.  We are having a blast!  It is so beautiful here.  Island life is pretty amazing.  

Let’s back up to last Saturday when our adventure began! 

Saturday morning we did some last minute packing and cuddling with the pups before heading to the airport.  I forgot to buy a book for the trip so I grabbed one at the airport that I can return later and get 50% money back.  Have any of you used this service?  I think it is such a great idea.  You can return to almost any airport in the US.

We got really lucky on both of our flights with an empty seat beside us. 


On the next flight, my husband entertained this baby for 2 hours.  🙂


We finally arrived Saturday night and made the short drive to our house for the weekend.  


Sunday started bright and early (the sun rises so early here) with a peaceful bike ride around the island. 

We also kayaked, but my phone is no allowed near water so no pictures of that.

Then there was a lot of this going on.  Sunshine + a good book = heaven. 


Attempting to eat healthy on vacation so we can enjoy our fruity cocktails. 😉


The two love birds.  My sister and her boyfriend. 

Just recreating pictures from our honeymoon… 


Snorkel boy. 


And this is my husband, yall.  Definitely the best picture from Sunday.  

My sister and I just hung out on the pier for a bit.

While the boys played in the water and waved.


My husband surprised me and knocked some coconuts out of the tree for me.  I love coconut water!  


My sister, the model.  


The sunsets here are beyond gorgeous.  


That is all for now, but I have plenty more pictures coming your way very soon!  Have an amazing day!!


  1. Have your ever rented and returned a book from the airport?
  2. Kayaking or canoeing?
  3. Do you try to eat healthy on vacation or indulge more often? 

4 thoughts on “Cayman Islands Day 1

  1. Looks so pretty–glad youre having fun!! I love to kayak and I hate to canoe! I do a bit of unhealthy and healthy eating while on vacation–that salad looks awesome!

    I didnt know aiports did book rentals?! such a good idea!

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  2. Sounds like such a fun trip so far! I honestly haven’t done much kayaking or canoeing but it is something I want to get into more this summer! I love being outside and going on nature walks tho, the summer is the best to just be surrounded by nature!

    Liked by 1 person

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